Natty CBD Day: The Whole 411

Natty CBD Day: The Whole 411

Yo, what’s good y’all? It’s ya boy Dan here to talk about National CBD Day. This is a brand new holiday, but it’s already got the whole cannabis community buzzin’. We’re talkin’ ‘bout August 8th, the day when we celebrate all things CBD.

Now, if you’re into the cannabis scene, you already know that there are plenty of other days throughout the year that we celebrate. There’s 420 Day on April 20th, and National Cannabis Oil Day on July 10th (which is also known as 710 Day). But National CBD Day is a little different. There ain’t no specific reason why it’s celebrated on August 8th – it’s just the date that was chosen by the National Day Calendar.

So, why did this holiday come about in the first place? Well, it was all thanks to a company called CBDmd. These guys are based outta North Carolina, and they wanted to create a special day to celebrate all the benefits of CBD. They suggested it to the National Day Calendar organization back in 2017, and by August 2018, National CBD Day was officially a thing.

Now, some people might say that this holiday is just a way for companies to sell more CBD products. And yeah, there are definitely gonna be some discounts and promotions going on during National CBD Day. But let’s keep it real – CBD is an amazing compound that can seriously improve your health and well-being. And if this holiday helps more people discover those benefits, then what’s the problem?

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In fact, National CBD Day is already doing wonders for the cannabis industry. Stores see a huge increase in sales on this day, and companies can use social media to spread awareness about the benefits of CBD. Plus, with so many people talking about it online, we’re slowly but surely breaking down the stigma around cannabis and showing people that CBD is a legit way to improve your life.

Of course, there are always gonna be haters out there who say that National CBD Day isn’t a “real” holiday. But honestly, who cares? As long as we’re celebrating the benefits of CBD and helping more people discover how amazing it can be, then that’s all that matters.

So, what can you do to celebrate National CBD Day? Well, first of all, you gotta get yourself some CBD products. Whether you’re into oils, tinctures, edibles, or topicals, there’s something out there for everyone. And on August 8th, you might even be able to score some sweet discounts or freebies from your favorite companies.

Another way to celebrate National CBD Day is to spread the word on social media. Share your favorite CBD products, tag your favorite companies, and let everyone know why CBD is so important to you. The more people who get involved in the conversation, the more we can show the world that CBD is a force to be reckoned with.

Now look, I ain’t saying that National CBD Day is gonna become as big as 420 Day anytime soon. But who knows? With enough support and recognition from around the world, maybe one day it’ll become a holiday that everyone knows about. And honestly, we could use more holidays that celebrate the benefits of cannabis and help break down the stigma around it.

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So let’s raise a glass (or a joint) to National CBD Day on August 8th. It may be a new holiday, but it’s already making a big impact in the cannabis community. Let’s keep spreading the love and showing everyone how amazing CBD can be!

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