Marijuana Pollen: Gettin’ and Keepin’ that Cannabis Pollen

Marijuana Pollen: Gettin' and Keepin' that Cannabis PollenYo, if you wanna get into breeding cannabis strains or making seeds, you might be wondering how to collect that pollen and pollinate your plant, right? Don’t trip, it’s all good, I got you covered with the lowdown on how to do it right.

How to Choose Male Cannabis Plants
So, check it – cannabis plants can be male or female, unlike some other plants that can have both. When you’re picking out your male plants, you gotta look for those big pollen sacs and dense buds. The traits you see on the outside are what you gotta go off of since most of the male traits are hidden in their genes.

What You Need to Collect Cannabis Pollen
When you’re working with that pollen, make sure to rock them latex gloves to keep that sticky stuff off your fingers. Toss ’em when you’re done to avoid any mix-ups. And for real, throw on a face mask or respirator to keep from breathing in that pollen. Safety first!

Open Pollen Sacs
Once them males start flowering, it’s time to grab that pollen. Watch for them sacs cracking open like they boutta pop. Gently remove those sacs and let ’em dry out for about a week. Then throw ’em in a re-sealable bag and shake ’em up to get that sweet pollen out.

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Storing Your Cannabis Pollen
Now that you’ve got that pollen, store it right by adding some cooking flour to keep the moisture away. You can even freeze that pollen for up to a year if you do it right. Spread it out, dry it for 48 hours, and then funnel it into an airtight container.

Female Cannabis Plant Pollination
Wait until your females are about three weeks into flowering before you start pollinating. Use a paintbrush to apply that pollen where the buds are forming. Make sure all those white hairs on the buds are getting touched with that pollen.

Final Thoughts
Yo, taking care of your mother plant is crucial during this process. Give her plenty of nitrogen and make sure she’s well-fed. Keep her isolated from the other plants while those seeds are growing to avoid any accidental cross-pollination.

And there you have it, bro! Now you know how to collect and store cannabis pollen like a pro. If you wanna learn more about this dope process, hit up Cannabis Training University’s classes today and level up your game!

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