DeSantis’s Weed Statement Stinks, Yo

DeSantis's Weed Statement Stinks, YoYo, peep this – if you ever been to Hershey, PA, you know that place smells like straight chocolate, thanks to the candy bar factory. It’s like a constant chocolate festival up in there. But check it, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is out here trippin’, talking about how marijuana has a nasty “stench”. He’s all up in arms because the state’s Supreme Court said they gonna put recreational weed on the ballot in November. But like, bruh needs to get his facts straight.

DeSantis acting like the whole country reeks of weed, but over 50% of the population already has access to legal marijuana. If there was really a funky smell everywhere, don’t you think we would have heard about it by now? Dude needs to hit up a dispensary and educate himself.

Back in the day, you could smoke indoors no problem. But now it’s all about smoking outside, thanks to the law. Florida might not be topping the charts for smoking rates, but you still got millions of peeps lighting up. DeSantis ain’t saying nothing about those Marlboros on the beach, though.

Down near Tallahassee where DeSantis posted up, you got the Florida Panhandle with them paper mills churning out that paper money. But let me tell you, them mills ain’t exactly pumping out roses. That sulfuric smell from RockTenn will hit you like a ton of bricks. Paper mills might be keeping the economy afloat, but they definitely ain’t smelling like a bed of roses.

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We got 24 states plus DC that done legalized recreational weed by 2024. Places like Cali and NY got mad visitors, but you don’t hear no one complaining about a chronic marijuana odor hanging around. It’s like cigarettes – you catch a whiff as you pass by, but then it fades away into nothing.

So now DeSantis is all bent outta shape because the Florida State Supreme Court greenlit that adult-use cannabis proposal for the ballot in November. Florida voters gonna have their say once again. Let’s see how this plays out.

At the end of the day, DeSantis needs to chill with all this talk about marijuana stinking up the whole state. Ain’t nobody smelling nothin’ but freedom and good vibes from that sticky icky. Time to wake up and smell the ganja, Governor.

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