Legal Weed States Cashin’ In on Them Benefits

Legal Weed States Cashin' In on Them BenefitsYo, sometimes you cop a fresh pair of kicks and then instantly regret it. That’s what we call buyer’s remorse, fam. It’s that feeling you get after dropping mad cash on something and then wishing you hadn’t. It usually happens when you splurge on something expensive, like a whip or a crib. But when it comes to legalizing that good green herb, ain’t nobody feeling that buyer’s remorse vibe.

Check it – in 2023, the legal weed game was straight booming, no regrets in sight. BDSA, the top dogs in analyzing that herb industry, dropped some knowledge on us with them numbers. The legal cannabis industry was straight flexing at over $29.5 billion. But yo, NYC had to go and mess things up for everyone else.

The tax revenue from them legal states has been a blessing, keepin’ those state budgets looking right. Colorado and Washington were the OGs when they approved recreational marijuana back in 2012. Then Alaska, Oregon, and DC hopped on the train in 2014. Since then, states been weighing the pros and cons of that recreational herb life while the feds be watching from the sidelines.

There was this poll from YouGov where peeps could weigh in on whether legalizing adult-use marijuana was a success or failure. In Colorado, where they been living that legal life since 2012, about a quarter of residents said it was a success only, while 45% said it was more of a success than a failure. Only about 17% said it was a total fail. But let’s be real, there are some major reasons why states are loving that legalization life.

It’s estimated that illegal weed game is worth billions – like $30-$40 billion big ones. Research been showing that making weed legal cuts down on violence and trafficking linked to illegal drug trades, which means less power and money for them cartels and gangs. And that’s a win for law enforcement ‘cause they can focus on other crimes instead of chasing down weed heads.

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Plus, prison costs have been dropping like it’s hot. Private prisons are phasing out since there ain’t as many heads locked up for possession anymore. So not only is it good for state budgets, but it’s also keeping folks out of them cells.

And let’s not forget about that sweet tax revenue coming in from all them legal sales. Missouri hit over $1 billion in that legal revenue – talk about hitting the jackpot! States with legal weed are raking in more cash from cannabis than they are from alcohol sales, even though alcohol be flying off the shelves like crazy. California might be dragging their feet on taxing weed, but Maine and Colorado know how to run things right.

So next time you’re thinking about copping some herb legally, just remember – no buyer’s remorse here. Legalization is where it’s at, my dude.

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