Teens Ain’t Lighting Up More Mary Jane Even Though Nearly 40 States Got Legal Weed, Says Uncle Sam

Teens Ain't Lighting Up More Mary Jane Even Though Nearly 40 States Got Legal Weed, Says Uncle Sam

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So, in this crazy world where weed laws are changing left and right, the 2022 Monitoring the Future (MTF) survey just dropped some truth bombs about how teen cannabis use ain’t going up. This survey was done by the University of Michigan and funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), so it ain’t no joke, ya feel me?

Despite all these states legalizing weed for recreational use, the survey found that rates of teenagers puffin’ on that ganja have stayed pretty much the same. Ain’t no major increases reported among eighth, tenth, and twelfth graders. That’s what Marsha Lopez, the big shot at NIDA, emphasized during a webinar. She straight up shut down all them critics who thought legalizing weed would turn our kids into a bunch of stoners.

But it ain’t just about the usage rates, my peeps. The survey also showed that the perception of availability among teens didn’t change much either. Even though adults are getting their smoke on legally, it doesn’t mean the younger generation feels like they can easily get their hands on Mary Jane. It’s like they live in a whole different world or somethin’. This shows that there’s some other factors influencing their behavior when it comes to smoking that good herb.

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Now, let’s talk about how the way teens consume weed is changing. The survey found that more and more of them are getting into vaping and edibles instead of just straight up smokin’. They’re adapting to the trends, man. Society is changing, and so are their consumption habits. This is important for all them policymakers and public health officials to understand, ’cause if they wanna reach these youngins, they gotta know how they’re gettin’ high.

Oh, and there’s this new thing called delta-8 THC products that the survey touched on. It’s like a different kind of weed made from hemp, and it’s sold in an unregulated market. The survey found that 11.4% of twelfth graders reported using these delta-8 THC products in the past year. It’s a whole new ball game, my dudes. We gotta keep an eye on this stuff ’cause it’s changing the game for these young smokers.

But here’s the kicker, y’all. Even though adults are smokin’ more than ever, the teens ain’t followin’ suit. It’s like they’re on a whole different wave or somethin’. The survey showed that even with all the states legalizing weed, there ain’t no significant difference in teen cannabis use between states where it’s legal and where it ain’t. So all them people who thought legalizing weed would automatically make teens smoke more were dead wrong.

And don’t just take this survey at face value, my peeps. There’s a whole bunch of other studies out there that support and challenge these findings. It’s a complicated topic, ya know? We gotta look at all the factors that influence teen cannabis use, whether it’s social, regulatory, or educational. We can’t just blame it all on the legalization of weed. We need to take a holistic approach, fam.

So, there you have it. The 2022 MTF survey dropped some major truth bombs about teen cannabis use. It showed that despite all the changes in weed laws, the rates of usage among teens have stayed pretty steady. They ain’t smokin’ more just ’cause weed is legal, and their perception of availability hasn’t changed much either. We gotta look at all the factors at play and take a comprehensive approach to understanding this whole situation.

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Let’s keep it real, fam. The truth is out there, and it’s up to us to dig deep and understand what’s really going on with teens and weed. It’s a complex issue, but we gotta stay informed and make smart decisions for the future. Peace out, y’all. Stay lifted, but stay responsible too.

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