Lavender Kush Strain – A Lit Review on its Benefits, Origins, and Potency

Lavender Kush Strain - A Lit Review on its Benefits, Origins, and Potency

Yo, what’s good, it’s your boy Dan. Today, we’re talking about the Lavender strain of cannabis. This herb is just like the lavender plant – calming and stress-relieving as hell. It’s an indica-dominant strain that gives you a super intense and relaxing high that you’ll be feeling all over your body. And let me tell you, it tastes just as floral and herby as you’d imagine. It’s literally like inhaling the smell of lavender. So, if you need to de-stress and unwind, Lavender will have you covered.

This strain is perfect for when you’re dealing with anxiety, nausea, or stress. The effects are hella calming, euphoric, and relaxing. So, if you’re looking to just chill out and vibe, Lavender is the way to go. Plus, it can be grown indoors or outdoors and has a flowering period of around 9-10 weeks.

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of this herb. Many strains have been developed out of the Afghan region, all with that signature hash flavor. But Lavender is different – it’s a hybrid strain created by breeders using original genetics to try and create the ultimate marijuana experience.

The exact genetics of Lavender are kinda uncertain but we do know it has Afghani strains in its genetic history like Super Skunk and Afghani Hawaiian. This mix of sativa and indica elements allows Lavender to borrow a little bit from both types, giving you an awesome high despite its strong indica leanings.

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The first thing you’ll notice when smoking Lavender is how intensely relaxed your entire body feels. You’ll feel it creeping along your skin like a pest, seeping into your bones, and penetrating deep into your soul until you’re completely chill.

But hold up, the cerebral element comes in hot with a powerful euphoria that propels your mind forward like a slingshot. You’ll feel strangely motivated yet intensely relaxed and calm. Although the body high eventually takes over, causing an incredibly potent sensation of sheer laziness.

The Lavender high is not for beginners though, as it can leave you teetering on the edge of sleep for hours at a time. It might be confusing for newbies as you’ll want to close your eyes but still feel aware and alert. So, don’t expect to accomplish any kind of tasks while high on Lavender.

The flavor profile of this strain is floral, herby, and spicy. Expect a smoke that has qualities of hash hidden within it, sometimes requiring a strong toke to really experience it.

Lavender is surprisingly versatile when it comes to growing. You can grow it both indoors and outdoors, just make sure you use the Sea of Green technique to maximize your yield. Unfortunately, Lavender has a rather low yield due to its landrace genetics. But if you top the plant by removing its top growth and snipping off the smaller growths on the bottom branches, you can increase your yield.

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When smoking Lavender, expect around 19% THC content that packs a potent high without being too overpowering. However, if you’re a beginner, take it slow – don’t overindulge or you’ll be hit with dizziness and headaches.

Lavender is perfect for treating all kinds of issues like stress and anxiety due to its high THC content. Its relaxing effects are also great for treating PTSD and insomnia. Plus, it’s an awesome way to suppress chronic headaches and nausea.

In conclusion, Lavender might not look exactly like lavender but it sure is just as calming and stress-relieving. It’s a potent strain that offers relaxation, a cerebral high, and a unique spicy, floral flavor profile. So, get your hands on Lavender and vibe out.

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