Keep that Flame Burnin’: Use Weed to Boost Your Love Life

Keep that Flame Burnin': Use Weed to Boost Your Love Life

Yo, what’s good, it’s your boy Dan. I’m here to tell you that if you’re looking to keep the spark alive in your relationship, you might wanna try using cannabis with your significant other. It brings people together, eases tension, and makes sex way better—plus it has real health benefits. How could you ask for more?

So check it, if your relationship is starting to fizzle, skip the post-dinner cocktails and enjoy a joint or edible with your better half instead. In addition to its myriad health benefits, cannabis can help you fully appreciate your partner on multiple levels. Here’s how:

Cannabis improves sex.

Let’s lead with the good stuff. Having sex while high is way better than sober sex, and a million times better than sloppy drunk sex. You’ll both feel more relaxed, less inhibited, and even the lightest touch will cause your skin to erupt in wave after wave of tingly, erotic sensations.

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Weed definitely heightens all your senses, but it pays special attention to your erogenous zones. That’s right—your naughty bits are jam-packed with cannabinoid receptors, and studies show that your body actually releases its own natural endocannabinoids during orgasm. Smoking cannabis beforehand jump-starts that process.

It also increases blood flow. This is very important for males because it helps them achieve a more satisfying erection, but it’s also very effective for women. A mild to moderate high can increase circulation throughout the vaginal area to increase sensitivity and arousal. If it works, a noticeable warmth can be felt within minutes of getting high, and you’ll peak faster and with more intensity. If you’ve never tried it, we highly recommend it.

Less stress means more meaningful connections and less fighting.

Maintaining a good relationship is hard work, and that work, combined with day-to-day problems, can lead to stress. Everyone argues, but if you’re not careful, it can get out of hand. Even if you never argue, that can be stressful too. Holding it in just leads to built-up resentment that’ll eventually cause major issues in your relationship.

Cannabis is a great way to chill out and connect emotionally. It can help you have deeper conversations, create trust, and discuss the actual issues in a calm, safe environment. Next time things get heated—in a bad way—break out your stash and light up. It’ll instantly cool things down, reduce the drama, and give you both some perspective.

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When you’re finished hashing out your own problems, you can work on less important things like ending hunger, world peace, and the general meaning of life.

You’ll laugh more… and laughter is great for relationships.

Laughing is good for everything. It reduces your blood pressure, relieves stress, makes everyone happy, and it helps bring people together. No problem seems nearly as bad after you’ve had a hearty chuckle, and it makes it much easier to let go of things we’d normally hold onto. A grudge has no place in a good relationship.

Cannabis is famous for cracking people up, so if you’d like to break out in a spontaneous case of the giggles with your significant other more often, it’s as simple as picking the right strain. Choose a lighthearted sativa that’s not overly trippy. After all, paranoia is no joking matter!

Weed could give you a common hobby.

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Common interests and hobbies you both enjoy are a great way for couples to bond. Smoking and going to festivals is one thing, but growing your own cannabis is even better. It’ll also save you a substantial amount of money you can spend on other things to express your love… perhaps a trip to Amsterdam?

Growing weed is easy to do and can become a year-round activity if you build an indoor grow room. Once you master growing, your abundant supply of herb will open the door to seemingly endless possibilities to expand your interests. You may decide to make edibles, extracts, topicals or any number of other things. Plus, you’ll both share the pride that comes with nurturing one of the world’s most interesting plants from seedling to harvest.

Cannabis makes meals more enjoyable.

Most couples eat at least one meal together every day. Whether you go out for dinner or dine in, cannabis will without fail make food taste and smell better. It might also give you a raging case of the munchies so there is that! Try to maintain a little bit of control unless your partner’s motto is “the bigger the better.”

The right strain can also give you the motivation and energy you may need to prepare a balanced meal after a hard day’s work. This way you don’t give into the temptation of grabbing a bag of greasy takeaway. That can help balance out any over-indulgences at home and give you one more thing to enjoy doing together.

Buy my partner doesn’t use cannabis?!

Cannabis use is rapidly losing its stigma as legalization spreads and the general public realizes its various health benefits. New users who don’t smoke tobacco usually prefer to consume cannabis using non-combustible methods. A nice vaporizer or edibles might be a better choice than whipping out a bong or rolling a joint.

Until their body adjusts to the effects of THC make sure you have a mild strain on hand that won’t overwhelm their senses. Feeling uncomfortably high is a sure way to make them change their mind if they’re receptive to the idea of using weed with you.

If they’re really against it though? I mean damn… maybe find someone who shares your interests! Just kidding (kinda). But seriously though maybe try talking about why they are against cannabis use before pushing them into something they don’t want.

Anyway fam that’s all I got for now! Keep the spark alive in your relationship by making weed part of your love life routine – happy smoking!

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