KD Beggin’ NBA to Drop Weed Ban, Yo

KD Beggin' NBA to Drop Weed Ban, Yo

Yo, check it out. This article is all about Kevin Durant, the man who’s been tearing up the NBA for 15 seasons. He’s got two championships, an MVP award, and he’s one of the illest scorers to ever play the game. But yo, turns out KD made a major move off the court while he was high as a kite.

At a sports business summit on CNBC, my man KD dropped a bomb on everybody. He straight up said that he called up NBA commissioner Adam Silver and told him to drop the league’s ban on weed. That’s right, KD wanted his fellow ballers to be able to spark up without getting in trouble.

“I just felt like it was becoming a thing around the country, around the world…the stigma behind it wasn’t as negative as it was before,” Durant explained. “It doesn’t affect you in any negative way.” Yo, KD saw that weed was becoming more accepted, so he wanted the NBA to get with the times.

And guess what? His words had an impact. Under a new agreement between the NBA and the players’ union, players won’t be tested for marijuana anymore. They can light up without worrying about getting caught by the league. Plus, they can even invest in cannabis companies now. KD and his crew are already getting in on that action.

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The agreement says that marijuana will be removed from the Prohibited Substances List. If a team thinks one of its players is high during NBA activities, they can send them to a treatment program. But otherwise, it’s all good.

Yo, I gotta say, KD has always been real about his love for Mary Jane. In an interview last year with David Letterman, he straight up said he was high at that moment. He even compared weed to having a glass of wine, saying it helps clear his mind and settle him down. KD wanted to change the way people think about athletes and weed.

And you know what? He’s right. It’s messed up that there are people locked up for years just for selling a little bit of weed. Society’s views on marijuana have changed, and it’s about time the NBA caught up.

The NBA started phasing out marijuana testing in 2020 because of the pandemic. Commissioner Silver said they didn’t need to act like Big Brother and test players when they were already dealing with so much stress. He recognized that society’s views on weed have changed, and it was time for the NBA to change too.

Other sports leagues have also lightened up on their weed rules. Major League Baseball took cannabis off its banned substances list in 2019. So it looks like the times they are a-changin’, and KD played a big role in that change.

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So props to KD for speaking up and advocating for his fellow hoopers. He saw that the world was changing, and he wanted the NBA to change with it. Now players can light up and invest in cannabis companies without fear of getting punished by the league. It’s a whole new era, my friends.

This article originally appeared on High Times, and I gotta say, it’s high time we let these athletes smoke their herb in peace. They work hard on the court, so why not let them relax and enjoy a little green every now and then? KD saw the opportunity for change, and he took it. That’s what being a real baller is all about.

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