KC Royals Team Up with Pure Spectrum CBD, Yo!

KC Royals Team Up with Pure Spectrum CBD, Yo!

Yo, what’s good? This is Dan, and I gotta tell y’all about the Kansas City Royals teamin’ up with a CBD company. That’s right, they’re the second Major League Baseball (MLB) team to do so. Pure Spectrum announced the partnership on their social media accounts, sayin’ they’re “ecstatic” to be workin’ with the Royals. You can catch them on the field!

The Royals gave a statement too, sayin’ they’re proud to be workin’ with a “hemp industry pioneer” like Pure Spectrum. They’re all about educating fans on their endocannabinoid system and how CBD can help with overall wellness. Sarah Tourville, who’s the executive VP and chief commercial & community impact officer of the Royals, said they’re happy to support a brand from Kansas City and put people on to the benefits of CBD.

And that’s not all! Pure Spectrum also opened up the Pure Spectrum Lodge at Kauffman Stadium on June 2nd. It’s a chill spot where you can watch the game and learn more about CBD. The press release says it’s got fans and misters so you can stay cool while you soak up some knowledge.

Pure Spectrum’s CEO Dan Huerter is from KC too, so he’s extra hyped about this partnership. He said it’s an “incredible honor” to work with such an iconic organization and promote health and wellness in his hometown. That’s what’s up!

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If you’re thinkin’ this sounds familiar, that’s because the Chicago Cubs already teamed up with a CBD company back in April. The Cubs worked with MYND DRINKS, a Chicago-based company that helps with overall wellness. They put up signs all over Wrigley Field and got some international marketing rights in the UK later in the year.

Why are all these sports teams workin’ with CBD companies? Well, the MLB took cannabis off their list of “abused drugs” in December 2019. They did it after a player from the Los Angeles Angels died from an opioid overdose. The MLB’s deputy commissioner and chief legal officer, Dan Halem, said they want to protect the health and safety of their players. They’re all about prevention, treatment, awareness, and education.

And just a few months ago, the MLB said players can smoke cannabis but they can’t get sponsored by cannabis companies. The NBA is also makin’ moves in the cannabis world. In April, the National Basketball Players Association and the NBA were talkin’ about no longer banning cannabis and lettin’ players invest in and promote cannabis companies.

So there you have it – sports and CBD are teamin’ up like never before. Are you ready to learn more about the benefits of CBD and how it can help with your wellness? Check out the Pure Spectrum Lodge or hit up a Royals game!

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