IG Goes Crazy as Snoop Dogg Posts Video Chillin’ with His Grandbabies and a Blunt

IG Goes Crazy as Snoop Dogg Posts Video Chillin' with His Grandbabies and a BluntYo, check it out, Snoop Dogg be causin’ a stir once again with his unapologetic love for the herb. This dude ain’t playin’ around when it comes to smokin’ a blunt in the studio, even if his grandkids be chillin’ right there with him.

Snoop Dogg dropped a vid on Instagram showin’ him smokin’ a blunt up in the studio on Feb. 21. But peeps got all up in arms ’cause his granddaughters was in the room while he was gettin’ lit.

HipHopDX was the first to report on this whole situation blowin’ up. It got peeps talkin’: Should parents and grandparents be smokin’ in front of kids? And how close is too close when it comes to smokin’ around the young ones?

“The West Coast rap legend posted a clip on Instagram on Wednesday of himself in a recording studio surrounded by his granddaughters as he smoked a blunt,” HipHopDX reports. “The video was widely condemned in the comments section, with Snoop being criticized for smoking the drug around infant children.”

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Peeps was goin’ off in the comments, sayin’ stuff like, “Nobody and I do mean NOBODY smoking around my babies.” Another person was like, “Like Seriously … Is there a blunt in his hand in front of the grand babies? Come man, damn.”

One commenter straight up asked, “Burning with the kids????”

But then you had some peeps sayin’ it’s better than puffin’ on tobacco in front of kids or smokin’ in a car. “Y’all talkin bout smokin weed around kids? Half of u smokin Marlboro with the soccer kids in the back of the minivan.”

Snoop Dogg has never been one to shy away from controversy when it comes to smokin’. Last November, he made headlines sayin’ he was gonna quit “smoking” but turns out he was talkin’ ’bout givin’ up them smoke stoves and investin’ in Solo Stove, the world’s most popular smoke-free fire pit.

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But that ain’t all. Snoop also ticked off Piers Morgan and English soccer fans with a pro-weed meme back in 2019. He faced backlash for comparin’ weed to alcohol using pics of himself and English soccer player Paul Gascoigne at different ages.

Wiz Khalifa, another well-known smoker, ain’t hidin’ his love for the herb either. This dude straight up said he goes to parent-teacher conferences stoned, ain’t no shame in his game. He wants his kid to see the real him, not some fake parent that society expects him to be.

So, at the end of the day, whether it’s Snoop Dogg blazin’ up in front of his grandkids or Wiz Khalifa bein’ stoned at parent-teacher conferences, it’s all about keepin’ it real and stayin’ true to who you are. And if that means lightin’ one up every now and then, then so be it.

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