How to Scrog Yo’ Weed Plants fo’ Big Ol’ Harvests in 8 Simple Steps – Get Yo’ Green Right!

How to Scrog Yo' Weed Plants fo' Big Ol' Harvests in 8 Simple Steps - Get Yo' Green Right!

Yo, what’s up fellow herb enthusiasts? I see you scrolling through your favorite Insta-grower on the Gram, admiring those dank buds covered in crystals. But hold up, take a look around, and notice something else these growers are using to train their cannabis crop – netting. That’s right, the ScrOG method, or screen of green, is a technique that can take your weed game to the next level.

Now hold up, don’t get it twisted, ScrOG ain’t just some basic training method. This technique produces an even canopy and maximizes your yield while reducing the plant’s height. Plus, it increases trichome production and light absorption. So, if you’re ready to learn how to ScrOG like a pro, keep reading.

First things first, let’s understand what ScrOG is and why you should use it. It’s a cannabis training technique that uses trellis netting to shape your marijuana plant from early growth. Unlike other methods, ScrOG eliminates apical dominance and produces multiple dominant lateral branches. This means you can increase your yield without increasing plant count while maximizing space.

So when should you start ScrOGging your weed plants? Wait until your plant is 8-10″ tall or has reached its 5th node. This ensures that the cannabis plant is in the process of producing lateral branches.

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Now let’s talk about the best types of cannabis strains for the ScrOG method. It’s best to use feminized strains over autoflowering ones since they provide a long vegetative cycle. You should also choose branchy and vigorous sativa, hybrid or indica strains.

To successfully implement the ScrOG technique, you need to use an adequate container size depending on how long you’re going to veg your cannabis plants before scrogging. Remember that ScrOG focuses on an even canopy to produce massive yields. Therefore, you must adequately space your marijuana plants.

If you’re scrogging multiple marijuana plants, make sure you don’t interfere with another ScROG. You may fit up to four marijuana plants with a maximum container size of 11-liters per meter squared.

Now let’s get into the juicy part – how to ScrOG marijuana plants in eight steps:

1. Build Your Screen: Build a rectangular or square frame that’s self-supported using wood or PVC piping. Anchor screw eye-hooks across the top of the frame and attach trellis netting or durable string.

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2. Set The Screen Above Your Plants: Place the screen 20-40cm above your cannabis plants.

3. Top or FIM Your Cannabis Plants (Optional): Top or FIM your cannabis plants at this stage to produce multiple branches instead of one.

4. Tuck and Weave The Branches: Weave cannabis branches through the netting once they pass through it (minimum 5cm above the net).

5. Maintain An Even Canopy: Focus on tucking branches that exceed others to maintain an even canopy.

6. Switch To Flowering: If you’re growing indoors, switch the light schedule to 12/12. If you’re growing outdoors continue weaving until flowering begins.

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7. Lollipop Your Marijuana Plants: Trim off all lower growth that isn’t receiving any light before flowering begins.

8. Enjoy An Amazing Yield: Once flowering begins, kick back and watch those buds stack!

Although ScrOG requires a lot of work and attention, it’s worth it when you see those resin-packed buds stacking up. Plus, you can incorporate additional methods like LST (low-stress training), mainlining, and topping/FIM for even better results! Now go out there and ScrOG like a pro!

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