How to Blaze Live Resin? Get Ready, Spark it Up, Feel the High, & Reap the Rewards

How to Blaze Live Resin? Get Ready, Spark it Up, Feel the High, & Reap the Rewards

Yo, what up my homies? It’s ya boy Dan, and today we’re gonna be talking about live resin – the sticky and waxy marijuana concentrate that’ll have you feeling lit in no time. If you’re wondering how to smoke live resin, don’t worry fam, I got you covered. Check out this dope guide to learn about all the popular ways to consume this fire herb.

Now, we all know that cannabis is a multi-purpose plant. We can use it for anything from making products to getting lit with our squad. From raw buds to stem liquids and hashish to concentrates and oils, weed has been used in so many different ways.

But the latest buzz on the block is cannabis live resin, which is made using a butane extraction process. Let me break it down for you.

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What is Live Resin?

Live resin is a yellowish waxy substance that’s made from fresh cannabis using a butane extraction process. It’s got a delightful flavor and fragrance thanks to all the preserved terpenes.

And you can use it in so many ways – edibles, smoking, sprinkling, dabbing, hot knives, or bong. Whatever your preference, there’s a way to consume this fire concentrate.

Plus, concentrates and wax are great for vaping and dabbing, but live resin takes the cake because it’s packed with cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. This stuff is the real deal.

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Preparing Live Resin

Okay, so preparing live resin is no joke. You gotta leave it to the pros because there are some tricky processes involved.

First of all, the extraction process of live resin starts with fresh cannabis buds that are picked right out of the plant. We don’t do any drying or curing here because temperature fluctuations could reduce the quality.

Instead, experts use the flash-freeze method to pick and store cannabis in a super cool environment. This helps preserve all those sweet terpenes and cannabinoids so that we get only the good stuff.

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But wait, there’s more! Experts also use liquefied petroleum gas like butane as solvents. And sometimes they even use ethanol or carbon dioxide – pretty crazy huh?

Once you’ve got your material frozen and put into your solvent, you gotta heat it up slowly at a minimal temperature. This intensifies the solvent vaporization process.

And once that’s done, you gotta cool it down before you can make good use of your live resin. Note that this stuff can have as much as 50-80% THC content – that’s pretty insane!

How to Smoke Live Resin?

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Alright fam, now let’s get to the good stuff – how to smoke live resin! There are so many ways to enjoy this sticky concentrate that it’ll make your head spin.


Dab rigs are all the rage these days – you can use them to smoke not only your flowers but also live resins. These rigs can withstand higher temperatures than regular glass bowls, making them perfect for this stuff.

You’ll want a dab rig with a spoon-shaped tip for smoking live resin. Just put your resin in a bowl, preheat your torch, and enjoy that delicious weed goodness.

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But be careful with the temperature – too hot could burn off all those amazing flavonoids, while too cool may not activate cannabinoids. The ideal temperature for dabbing live resins is between 330 to 390° Fahrenheit.


If you’re looking to vape your resin instead of smoking it, dab pens are your best bet. All you need is a dabber tool to fill the resin in the coil, activate heating, and enjoy a flavorful kick with each puff.

Live Resin Cartridges

Most users prefer to enjoy live resins with cartridges these days. These cartridges are becoming increasingly popular because they’re super easy to use and provide a ready-to-go smoking experience.

All you need is an oil cartridge that you can fill with resins instead of concentrates. Just connect your cartridge with the battery, start heating, and use the mouthpiece to puff potent smoke.

Blunt Wrapping

This method is relatively new but it’s gaining popularity fast. To wrap your live resin around the blunt, you need to stretch your resin material into a thin thread first. Once it’s thin enough, just roll that bad boy over your joint or blunt for some added kick.


If you’ve got some crushed buds ready for your blunt wraps, just sprinkle some resins on top before rolling it up. This will give you an even more intense high with an increased level of THC.

And if you’ve got a glass pipe, bong, or cigars lying around – mix some live resin with cured flowers for an even more potent smoking experience.

Some brands even sell strain-specific edibles that are infused with all-natural live resins. Check out some of these bomb-ass edibles in the market!

The Effects of Consuming Live Resin

Now let’s talk about what happens when you consume live resin – get ready fam because this stuff is intense!

The extraction process of live resin neutralizes moisture content so that you get mind-boggling high that could lead to psychoactive episodes if you’re not careful.

But on the flip side, it’s a potent concentrate that can help relieve bodily pains or aches if you have any of those issues.

Moreover, because terpenes and cannabinoids are higher in resin than dried buds, you get a more pleasant smoking experience overall. And because there’s no undesired smell in this stuff either, people who get nauseous easily can use it without any problems.

With pure elements of THC, CBD and terpenes combined together in one hit – you will feel intensified effects like never before. Live resin is known for rendering euphoric highs thanks to entourage effects.

The Benefits of Consuming Live Resin

Not only does this stuff taste amazing but it’s also one of the purest forms of marijuana out there. So rest assured fam – it won’t harm you as much as other cannabis substances might.

Plus because it’s so pure and full of terpenes and flavonoids – when you consume it with your favorite methods – you’ll enjoy an authentic taste of your favorite marijuana strains.

As I mentioned earlier – THC levels in live resin can reach up to 70%! That means ultimate relaxation and sheer euphoria!

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