Herbies Seeds Review: What You Gotta Know Before Ordering

Herbies Seeds Review: What You Gotta Know Before OrderingYo, if you tryna cop some dank cannabis seeds in 2024, you gotta know about Herbies Seeds, ya feel me? Dis spot been holdin’ it down from the jump and been makin’ moves in the game. They got all da big-name breeders and even got they own line pushin’ that THC limit to new heights.

Whether you lookin’ for award-winnin’ strains, autoflowerin’ gems, or them heavy-yielders, Herbies got it all. They ship worldwide, keep dem prices competitive, and always hookin’ it up with discounts. Keep on readin’ to see why Herbies stay on top.

A lil backstory on Herbies Seeds, ya heard? Back in the day, they was just a lil shop called Herbies Headshop slangin’ seeds online in the UK. As more peeps started coppin’ seeds online, Herbies blew up and changed they name to Herbies Seeds. They saw that global demand and dipped to Alicante, Spain in 2019 for faster delivery and to play by the rules.

In 2021, Herbies decided to take it to da next level by launchin’ they own seed brand under the same name. They switched up management, rebranded with a fresh logo, and even opened a spot in the US called USA Express for all da American shoppers lookin’ for that fast experience.

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Now let’s talk ’bout dat stellar reputation Herbies got. Peeps all over at GrassCity, 420Magazine, Rollitup, Reddit, and Trustpilot be showin’ love for Herbies. Most reviews be positive ‘cept for a few folks complainin’ ’bout out-of-stock items (we gon’ get to that soon).

One time Trustpilot straight-up deleted 3,335 reviews givin’ Herbies a solid 4.7 outta 5 ’cause they sell seeds with THC levels over 0.2%. But dat ain’t stoppin’ da cannabis community from shoutin’ out Herbies when peeps ask where to cop dem seeds.

Herbies got a massive selection of ova 3,000 cannabis seeds from ova 120 breeders. They droppin’ knowledge ’bout each strain with pics makin’ it easy for ya to choose. And dem prices? Hot damn!

They got deals like Blimburn Seeds’ Granddaddy Purple for $49.52 when it’s $61 on Blimburn’s site. You gon’ find deals like dis all day at Herbies Seed Bank.

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Now let’s talk ’bout dem notable strains and breeders at Herbies. Dey got dey own in-house brand cookin’ up strains like Apple Betty (33% THC), Mimosa Shot (30% THC), and Grandmommy Purple (33% THC). High Times even took notice of dey fire strains.

Plus, dey stock rare gems from breeders like Gage Green Genetics and CannaBioGen that you won’t find at other seed banks like MSNL or CropKing Seeds. Dem exclusive strains like Rhapsody in Blue and Baby Breath be showstoppas.

Herbies also makin’ sure dem seeds are top-notch with a quality guarantee givin’ us a 100% germination rate every time. Ya can’t beat dat kind of reliability in dis game.

When you hit up Herbies website, you see it’s clean and easy to navigate with all dem strains laid out nice and neat. They break it down into categories like feminized seeds, autoflower seeds, seed finder, and collections so you can find what you lookin’ for quick.

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Dey search tools make it easy too with filters helpin’ you dial in on exactly what you want. Plus dey got a blog keepin’ ya updated on all things weed-related.

Now here’s where it gets real interestin’, USA Express! If you in the US lookin’ for quick delivery and no customs drama, hit up USA Express for feminized, autoflowering, and faster flowering strains ready in just 46-72 hours. They got all da top strains for growin’ in the US like Purple Haze Auto and Bruce Banner Auto.

Tryna save some cash while shoppin’ at Herbies? They hook you up with free seeds for every order and offer discounts up to 35% off on certain brands. Plus they got mix sale seed packs packagin’ up multiple strains at discounted prices.

Payment options at Herbies are plentiful with cards, bank transfers, Bitcoin… they even do cash on delivery! And when it comes to shipping, they worldwide wit fast delivery times dependin’ on your location.

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Dem packages come discreetly packed protectin’ them seeds from gettin’ crushed or snagged by customs. And if anythin’ goes wrong with your order, customer service gotcha covered quick through WhatsApp or live chat. They always aim to make it right and keep peeps happy.

While Herbies might have issues with out-of-stock items from time to time, they usually got alternatives from different breeders so you ain’t left hangin’. Overall tho’, Herbies be killin’ it as an online seed bank givin’ peeps what they want when it comes to dat dank weed.

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