Heat Wave Got You Straight Trippin’? Can Mary Jane Ease the Burn?

Heat Wave Got You Straight Trippin'? Can Mary Jane Ease the Burn?

Yo, listen up fam. July 3rd was straight up scorchin’, like the hottest day ever recorded on this whole damn planet. But hold up, July 4th said “nah, I can do better” and took the cake with even more unbearable heat. Scientists be warnin’ us that this ain’t just a one-time thing, nah bruh, these record-breaking temperatures gonna be stickin’ around for the next few months. They say it’s all ’cause of El Niño, some fancy phenomenon messin’ with our weather patterns. That’s how hot it got, man. It was so freakin’ hot in Louisiana that a piece of the interstate buckled. Shit’s gettin’ real.

Now, let’s talk about what this heat can do to your body, ’cause it ain’t no joke. When the weather stays hot for days on end, it can mess you up big time. You’ll be strugglin’ to get some decent sleep, losin’ your appetite, sweatin’ like a pig, gettin’ pounding headaches, feelin’ unmotivated as hell, and just straight up irritable. Ain’t nobody got time for that. So how the hell do you stay cool and keep your body temperature at a reasonable 97° – 99°? Well, here’s where things get interesting. Can weed help you chill and catch some Z’s on those scorchin’ summer nights?

Check this out, my dudes. Cannabis actually has the power to lower your body temperature, but only for a little while. Some studies say that smokin’ weed can temporarily cool you down. But hold up, it’s not just Mary Jane that can save you from this heatwave hell. You see, there are some other foods that can give you quick relief too. Think spicy mustard, chili flakes, and even wasabi. So if you wanna cool down in a jiffy, grab yourself a joint and some spicy snacks.

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But yo, not all weed is gonna do the trick, ya feel me? Some of my peeps say that switchin’ to tinctures and edibles instead of bongs or pre-rolls helps them chill out faster. Maybe it’s ’cause you ain’t gotta heat the product up or somethin’. I ain’t no scientist, but that’s what some folks say. And if you really wanna stay hydrated while you get high, forget about that alcohol, bro. Swap it out for cannabis beverages and you’ll be feelin’ refreshed without dryin’ out your body.

Now let’s talk about sleep, ’cause hot weather messes with that too. Some people find it hard as hell to fall asleep and stay asleep when it’s hotter than Satan’s armpit outside. But fear not, my friends, ’cause cannabis got your back on this one too. It’s known for bein’ a non-addictive sleep aid. The way it works is like this: cannabinoids, the stuff in weed that gets you high, they interact with receptors in your brain and tell it to boost levels of sleep-promotin’ adenosine while suppressin’ your arousal system. All that science talk basically means that weed can help you feel hella sedated and sleepy.

But hold up, there’s more than just weed to keep you cool during this heatwave madness. Wear lightweight and loose-fittin’ clothes, my dudes. You don’t wanna be sweatin’ buckets in tight-ass clothes, trust me on this one. And if you can, try to avoid bein’ out in the heat of the day. That shit’ll cook you alive. Stay in the shade or crank up that AC if you gotta. Oh, and stay hydrated as hell. Drink plenty of water, bruh. And don’t be eatin’ heavy meals, that’s just gonna make you feel even hotter. Keep it light and easy, like your mom’s potato salad at a BBQ.

But listen up, my homies. The best way to survive this heatwave is to plan your day around not bein’ in the heat. Stay indoors if you can, find a cool spot, and take care of your body. Don’t mess around with this heat ’cause it can really mess you up. So stay cool, stay hydrated, and stay safe out there, my dudes. Peace.

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