Growin’ That Loud with the Sea of Green (SOG) Technique

Growin' That Loud with the Sea of Green (SOG) Technique

Yo, what’s good? It’s your boy Dan coming at you with some tips on cultivating that good herb indoors with artificial light. Growing your own stash is convenient and can result in some high yields. But if you want to take your game to the next level, you gotta use some tactics to boost your crop’s cannabis production. That’s where the Sea of Green (SOG) method comes in.

SOG involves growing a bunch of smaller plants instead of a few larger ones. The benefits? A shorter vegetative stage, less space used, and maximizing the efficiency of your lighting. And let’s be real, growing indoors means higher energy bills, but SOG can help increase your yield and make it all worth it.

Let me break it down for you. SOG is a low-stress technique that involves cultivating a bunch of small plants in a limited space. So, your crop will look like a sea of green plants – hence the name. Plus, you’ll enjoy a shorter growing cycle and can increase your number of annual harvests.

Basically, you force your plants into the flowering phase early by only letting them reach half their full size to ensure cola development. And as well as having a shorter vegetative phase, the flowering cycle is also cut short. In theory, you could benefit from up to eight harvests per calendar year!

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But before you go all in, there are some things to note with SOG. Genetics are key – don’t choose a plant that likes to grow wide and bushy ‘cause you’ll be packing numerous plants together as it is. And don’t choose a plant that stretches in the early flowering stage either – opt for a plant with a short flowering time.

Make sure all the cuttings you use are identical in size and from the same mother plant at the same stage of growth. And we don’t recommend using seeds if you’re gonna use the SOG method ‘cause the plants will inevitably grow at different heights.

You gotta use at least four plants ‘cause the SOG method won’t work with less. But don’t use too many either ‘cause there will be greater branch growth but less bud production. Indica varieties are the way to go ‘cause they grow short and have a single primary cola, whereas sativas grow taller and are not ideal.

And finally, how much can you expect to yield with SOG? Well, it all depends on several factors like lighting, strain genetics, how big you let the plants grow, and so on. But in the best-case scenario, you could benefit from up to an ounce per plant.

So, there you have it, folks – some tips on using the Sea of Green method to cultivate that sticky icky indoors. Just be careful not to exceed your state’s legal cannabis growing limit ‘cause no one wants to go to prison over some plants. Peace out!

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