Get Yo’ Yields Poppin’ With LST Method

Get Yo' Yields Poppin' With LST Method

Yo, what up y’all. My name’s Dan and I’m here to talk about cannabis cultivation. Now, if you wanna maximize your yield, you gotta know what you’re doing. And that’s where LST comes in. Low-stress training, baby. It’s a technique that allows you to increase your overall yield by bending the branches of your weed plants. And don’t worry, it’s not gonna stress them out. In fact, it’s gentle and non-invasive.

So why should you use LST? It increases your yield, breaks apical dominance, promotes light penetration, reduces overall height, and is ideal for those of us who have to limit our plant count. And the best time to do it is when your plants are young so their branches and stems haven’t developed a callous layer yet.

So here’s how you do it, homies. Get yourself some soft plant ties or rubber-coated plant wire, bamboo or wooden stakes, a drill (if you’re using a plastic container), and some duct tape or eco-friendly tape. Then follow these five easy steps:

Step One: Setting Up Anchor Points

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You gotta figure out what container you’re using to grow your weed in. If it’s plastic, drill four holes or more around the rim. If not, use bamboo or wooden stakes as an anchor point.

Step Two: Bending Your Cannabis Plants

When your plants are in the early vegetative stage, locate the upper-most node and gently pull it down towards an anchor point using a plant tie or rubberized plant wire.

Step Three: Keep Bending As They Grow

After a few days of growth, anchor dominant branches on the opposite end of the original anchor point to create an even canopy.

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Step Four: Veg Out Your Plants

Let your cannabis plants grow and increase in size. This will open up the inner section of the plant to light, fueling rapid growth.

Step Five: Enjoy Incredible Yields

Adjust as necessary and watch those buds fill out with trichome-dusted flowers.

So there you have it, folks. LST is an easy and effective way to increase your yield without stressing out your weed plants. Give it a try and see for yourself!

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