Get Yo’ Bud Game Stronger: Optimal Grow Light Height Fa’ Maximum Production

Get Yo' Bud Game Stronger: Optimal Grow Light Height Fa' Maximum Production

Yo, what’s good? My name is Dan and I’m here to help you out with your cannabis grow lights. Once you’ve set up your grow lights and got them on a timer, you need to make sure they’re at the perfect height for your plants to grow strong and healthy.

There are so many benefits to getting the right height for your grow lights. You can get bigger buds, use space more efficiently and make sure your plants grow quickly and evenly. But if the lights are too close or too far away, you could end up with problems like burned leaves or low yield.

So, let me break it down for ya. Here’s how to find the perfect height for your grow lights in three easy steps.

Step One

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Take a look at how far away your current grow light is from the canopy of your plants. It shouldn’t be closer than 12 inches or further than 50 inches. If it’s not at that sweet spot, move it to 12-18 inches for the best results.

Step Two

Check out the footprint of your light. Does it cover all your plants or does it get dimmer near the edges? You want the light to reach all your plants so that they all get an even amount of light. Check out these charts to see how high you should position your light based on what kind of light you have:

HID Grow Lights:

– 400w: 12”-20”

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– 600w: 14”-26”

– 1000w: 16”-32”

LED Grow Lights:

– 240-400w: 14”-28”

– 450-550w: 18”-32”

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– 600-850w: 22”-36”

– 900w and above: 26”-46”

CFL and T5 Grow Lights:

– 20-50w CFL: 1”-2”

– 55-100w CFL: 2”-4”

– 150-250w T5: 4”-10”

– 300w HO T5: 10”-16”

Step Three

Watch how your plants respond over time. If they’re growing quickly and have tight internode spacing, then you’re doing something right! But if they’re getting bleached or scorched leaves or are growing unevenly, then it’s time to adjust the height of your grow light.

One more thing to keep in mind – when you’re starting off with seedlings, you need to be extra careful with how close the lights are. They’re more sensitive than adult plants, so make sure you use lower wattage lights and position them appropriately.

Alright, that’s it from me. Good luck with your grow lights!

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