Get the Lowdown on NF1 Weed: A Dope Strain Review and Growing Guide

Get the Lowdown on NF1 Weed: A Dope Strain Review and Growing Guide

Yo, what’s good? My name is Dan and I gotta tell you about this dank strain called NF1. It’s a hybrid made by Commonwealth Alternative Care that crosses two legendary strains in the game – Chemdawg and Northern Lights. This mix hits heavy on the THC, heavy on the indica, and heavy on the high. 

But yo, it gets even more interesting. Some unknown breeder created an alternative version of NF1 that draws more on its sativa roots. This version is fire, but the methods aren’t available to the public. Whoever this breeder is, they’re a straight-up hero in my book.  

Alright, let me break down some of the other details of this strain for you. The bud smells like sweet earth, pine, and diesel – it’s loud, so watch out for those nosy neighbors. When you hit it, you’ll taste woody pine, sweet citrus, and fresh earth wrapped in that diesel pungency.

The indica-dominant version of NF1 will have you melted into the couch or bed in no time. It’s perfect for when your body aches and pains are acting up or you’re having trouble sleeping. On the other hand, if you need to get going in the morning or need an uplift, the sativa version with its euphoric energy will give you that motivation.

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NF1 has a high THC content – some say it can reach 30%. So if you overindulge, you might experience some paranoia or excessive worrying. But don’t trip – just pace yourself and consume in small amounts. Other side effects include dry eyes, cottonmouth, hunger, and drowsiness. So grab some snacks and stay hydrated. 

If you want to grow NF1 yourself, be prepared for some work. It requires some knowledge and experience to grow properly. The height ranges from 2.5 to 6.7 feet depending on whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors. But with proper care, skilled growers may see higher yields.

So there you have it – NF1 strain is one of the dopest hybrids out there. It might be hard to find NF1 seeds out there, but keep searching because it’s worth it. And remember to pace yourself when consuming because this strain hits hard. 

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