Get Lit with This Tuscan Soup Infused with Weed Olive Oil

Get Lit with This Tuscan Soup Infused with Weed Olive OilYo, check it, Italy be poppin’ for American and Canadian tourists. The food, the vibe, that dolce vita lifestyle. Italy and France be the stuff of books about escapin’, fallin’ in love, or just findin’ yourself. It’s a magical place and who ain’t dream of chillin’ in the countryside, under some fairy lights, grubbin’ on some bomb local dishes. Now you can vibe out with this Tuscan soup with that marijuana olive oil…livin’ the dream!

The dope thing ’bout this recipe is you can control the dosage. You can slap that marijuana oil on the table and let people add as much as they want to suit their taste.

Ya feel me? This dish gon’ make 4-6 servings:

For the broth:
– Half a pound of hard cheese rinds (like Pecorino, Parmigiano, Grana, Asiago, Piave, Manchego)
– 1 medium red onion
– 1 bulb garlic
– Salt to taste
– 5 peppercorns
– 10 rosemary needles
– 4 cups vegetable broth
– 6 cups water

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Notes on the cheese:
Hard cheeses got that salty flavor and aged to bring out them savory vibes. Italian hard cheeses like Pecorino Romano, Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano, and Piave be perfect for this recipe. Just save them rinds until you got a whole stash to make this bomb soup. If you got other hard cheeses like Manchego, you can use those too for that salty richness without too much funk.

Soup Ingredients:
– Kale
– Veggie Sausage (or any Italian sausage you like)
– White beans
– Cannabis olive oil*
– Toasted Italian bread

Cut up that onion, peel that garlic, toss all them ingredients in a big pot, bring it to a boil then simmer for 45 minutes, strain it with a fine sieve.

Pour that broth back in the pot with them beans. Sear them sausages on all sides, chop ’em up rough and add ’em at the end. Toss in the kale after 5 minutes. Once them beans tender and kale wilted and soft, serve it hot in a big bowl with some sausage on top. Garnish with that toast rubbed with garlic for dippin’, drizzle that cannabis olive oil on top and grate more fresh cheese and pepper all over it. If you want a kick, toss in some red pepper flakes but not too much ’cause it’s a delicately flavored broth. K fam?

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*To make cannabis olive oil:
Heat up that starting material for 20 minutes at 225 degrees, 10 for hash and wax in a sealed container. Add half a cup of olive oil to a mason jar with cannabis and heat it in a water bath for an hour, strain it and funnel it into a clean bottle. Boom!

You can switch up pasta or tortellini for any of them ingredients or use all four. Even with veggie sausage, this combo with kale and beans makes for a hearty meal that’ll have you feelin’ like legit royalty.

So there you have it fam, kick back and enjoy this chill Tuscan Zuppa with that extra special touch of marijuana olive oil. Peace out!

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  1. Yo this soup look fire! I gotta try this recipe out, bet its gon be lit wit that weed olive oil. Good lookin out!


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