Get Lit: Puffing on MoonRocks, SunRocks, and Caviar Weed

Get Lit: Puffing on MoonRocks, SunRocks, and Caviar Weed

Yo, what’s good? It’s your boy Dan, and I’m here to tell you about some of the most potent cannabis experiences out there—MoonRocks, SunRocks, and Caviar Cannabis. These premium products are made using world-class cannabis bud and top-shelf concentrates, and if you’re lucky enough to live in the US, you’ll find them in high-end dispensaries. But if you’re not, don’t worry—I got you covered with a recipe to make your own.

So what exactly is caviar cannabis? It’s an umbrella term that encompasses several types of expensive and expertly crafted cannabis products. MoonRocks and SunRocks are two of the most popular within this category. These preparations offer tastes like you’ve never experienced, and a high that will catapult the minds of even experienced smokers into the upper atmosphere.

MoonRocks are something special. They are made by taking a regular cannabis flower, covering it with some kind of oil (usually BHO like wax) and coating it in a thick dusting of kief. Pack one of these in your pipe and you’ve got yourself a return ticket to the moon, literally.

MoonRocks offer a high you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. The combination of ultra-powerful cannabis buds—containing anywhere between 25–30% THC—with potent concentrates smashes CB1 receptors with enormous levels of the psychotropic cannabinoid. To put it in perspective, hitting a MoonRock delivers a similar high to hitting a bong full of powerful buds, immediately after taking a super-strong dab.

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SunRocks take things to another level. A SunRock is basically like MoonRock’s older, chain-smoking brother. While their composition is nearly identical (a bud coated in concentrate and sprinkled with kief), SunRocks are typically made using higher-grade products.

If MoonRocks aren’t enough for you, SunRocks offer something even more profound. This creation provides perhaps the most powerful cannabis experience available, short of hitting pure THC crystals. With THC levels clocking in at 60–80%, SunRocks bestow an immediate high that lingers for hours. They might leave you wondering where exactly you’ve been…

But as caviar cannabis products, MoonRocks and SunRocks occupy the premium end of the spectrum. You’ll only find these products in high-end dispensaries, most of which are located in the United States. Outside of this country, you might have some luck finding them in Dutch coffeeshops or Spanish cannabis clubs. And premium products come with a premium price: expect to part ways with $90–100 of your hard-earned cash for an eighth (3.5g).

Now let’s talk about how to smoke these bad boys. Smoking Moon or SunRocks is a little different to smoking regular flower. Here are some tips to enjoy them properly:

– Don’t grind them: A regular herb grinder will butcher these buds and likely struggle with their sticky texture. Instead, use your fingers or scissors to gently break them apart.

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– Use a pipe, bong, or bubbler: At 60-80% THC, you don’t need a lot of these Rocks to get you flying. Hence, it’s best to use a pipe/bong with a small cone to avoid letting this stuff go to waste.

– Mix it with some regular weed: take it and sprinkle into some regular weed.

And before you smoke caviar cannabis, be prepared for a wild ride. Use these tips below to optimize your experience:

– Optimize Set and Setting: The concepts of set and setting often pop up in psychedelic circles. “Set” applies to the mindset one enters an experience with, and “setting” describes one’s physical and social surroundings. Preparing the mind through meditation and optimizing your surroundings with nature and music can dramatically increase the odds of a positive experience.

– Have Good Friends Nearby: Surround yourself with good company and smoke together to ride the wave in unison.

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– Stay Hydrated: Being dehydrated when sober sucks, but dehydration while high sucks even more.

– Keep Some Snacks to Hand: Filling your belly before you blaze will reduce the jitters and give you energy for the next few hours.

– Clear Your Schedule: Don’t plan on taking a hit and heading off to work, or any other commitment for that matter.

Feeling inspired? Want to make your own MoonRocks? Check out these simple steps:

1. Grab a dried, cured, and manicured flower of your all-time favorite strain.

2. Use a pipette to slather the flower with hash oil, RSO, or any other type of extract or concentrate you have on hand.

3. Place your kief stash into a small tray. Roll your sticky flower in the trichomes and watch them completely cover the outside of the bud.

4. Let the MoonRock dry and set.

5. Take a deep breath, hit that MoonRock, and enjoy the ride!

When shopping for MoonRocks in the US, you’ll find that many recipes opt for the OG Kush strain. This classic indica-dominant cultivar lends her intense body high to the end product, along with earthy and citrusy terpenes.

But remember: take it slow with caviar cannabis because it has the potential to completely overwhelm both beginner and advanced users. Overdoing it may result in distressing psychological symptoms like paranoia and anxiety, but physical symptoms are mostly limited to nausea and sleepiness (otherwise known as “greening out”). So proceed with caution—but also proceed with excitement because these babies are no joke.

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