Florida Be Cravin’ Dat Herb to Battle Killer Snails and Flesh Munchin’ Seaweed

Florida Be Cravin' Dat Herb to Battle Killer Snails and Flesh Munchin' Seaweed

Yo, what up y’all? It’s ya boy Dan, comin’ atcha with some crazy news about Florida. Sh*t’s been goin’ down in the Sunshine State lately and it’s got me thinkin’ maybe it’s a sign from the universe. Let’s dive into these wild plagues that Florida’s dealin’ with.

So, back in 2016, the people of Florida voted to legalize medical marijuana. And guess what? They won by a landslide, with 71% of voters sayin’ they wanted that good sh*t. But hold up, Governor Ron DeSantis thought he could just brush it off like it didn’t matter. He straight up said that the vote didn’t count. Man, talk about disrespectin’ the will of the people. Since then, the Governor and his crew been takin’ their sweet time on actually implementin’ this law. And now, nature seems to be givin’ ’em a taste of their own medicine.

First up, we got this crazy seaweed situation. They call it the sargassum belt, stretchin’ a whopping 5,000 miles around Florida. This April, them levels reached an all-time high in the Caribbean Sea, clockin’ in at around 13 million tons. And now it’s startin’ to wash up on them fancy tourist beaches. But here’s the real kicker – when this seaweed combines with that scorchin’ Florida sun, it creates the perfect environment for some flesh-eatin’ bacteria called vibrio. Yeah, you heard that right. Flesh-eatin’. Talk about a nightmare scenario.

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As if hurricanes weren’t bad enough, Florida gotta deal with property insurance rates shootin’ up like crazy this year. They’ve been gettin’ hit so hard by these storms that insurance companies predict rates gon’ jump at least 40 percent. That’s gonna hit folks in the pocket real hard, y’all.

But it don’t stop there, my friends. We got giant snails crawlin’ around like they own the place. These ain’t your regular garden snails, nah. They some invasive African land snails that can transmit parasites and wreak havoc on agriculture. Like, we talkin’ serious damage here. The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services had to put a whole community under quarantine because of these suckers. They be out here eatin’ everything in sight – plants, plastic, street signs, you name it. And their shells? Man, they sharp enough to pop your car tires like nothin’. Who knew snails could be so dangerous?

If you think about it, Florida been goin’ through some biblical sh*t lately. We had the sargassum plague like locusts, these giant snails like frogs, and hurricanes bringin’ darkness and hail. All that’s missing is water turnin’ into blood, flies buzzin’ around everywhere, boils poppin’ up on people’s skin, and the death of the firstborn. Damn, that’s some heavy stuff.

But here’s the thing, fam. The people of Florida been fightin’ for what they want. They voted for medical marijuana and they want it legalized recreationally too. There’s talk of a constitutional amendment comin’ up next year to make that happen. And you know what? It’s gainin’ support from all corners. But hold up, ’cause Attorney General Ashley Moody tryin’ to block that sh*t from even makin’ it to the ballot in 2024. Some folks think she doin’ this to clear the way for Governor DeSantis to run for president. Man, politics be messin’ with our weed now?

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At the end of the day, all I’m sayin’ is this – the people have spoken. They want their medical marijuana, they want their recreational weed, and they want it now. Governor DeSantis and his crew better start listenin’ to the voices of the people instead of brushin’ ’em off like they don’t matter. ‘Cause if they keep ignorin’ the will of the people, who knows what kind of crazy sh*t nature gonna throw their way next.

Stay woke, Florida. It’s time for your leaders to step up and do what’s right. Peace out.

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  1. Yo, Florida always wildin with somethin new. They tryna use herbs now? Hope it work, dem snails and seaweed sound mad dangerous.


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