First Black Shawty-Owned Dispensary Pops Off in Manhattan

First Black Shawty-Owned Dispensary Pops Off in ManhattanYo, peep this – Bliss + Lex is a dope cannabis dispensary in Manhattan owned by a Black woman. They claim to be the first of their kind in the city, droppin’ that knowledge in an announcement on March 20. With licensed adult-use cannabis businesses poppin’ up in NYC, they’re tryna compete with those unlicensed spots.

Nicole Lucien, the co-Founder and CEO of Bliss + Lex, is all about seizing this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make moves in the cannabis game. With her hubby Christopher by her side, they aim to build a legacy, change up the family’s future, and give back to the community in new and exciting ways. Nicole used to be a teacher in the NYC public school system, but now she’s all about spreading love for the green stuff.

Bliss + Lex ain’t just any ol’ dispensary – they’re Manhattan’s first Black woman-owned spot with a Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary (CAURD) license. They linked up with Housing Works CAURD Community Initiative to get some crucial support for social equity cannabis entrepreneurs.

The New York Cannabis Control Board (CCB) met up on Feb. 16 to vote on some new cannabis rules, talkin’ bout cultivation, research, and handin’ out them adult-use licenses. The CCB gave the green light to a total of 109 licenses statewide, with 38 being retail-specific and 26 being microbusiness licenses.

Right now, them CAURD program is where it’s at for cannabis business license holders in NY, specifically focusing on social equity applicants. The recent round of licenses was handed out to folks who didn’t qualify as social equity applicants, breakin’ that cycle for real.

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Nicole’s hubby got a prior conviction, but that ended up workin’ out in their favor thanks to a New York state program that gives folks with criminal histories a shot at getting them retail licenses. Christopher Lucien ain’t sweatin’ his past no more – he sees this as a chance to make some big moves and help out his community.

Housing Works is all aboard the Bliss + Lex train, showin’ love and support for Manhattan’s first Black woman-owned dispensary. They see Nicole and Christopher as just what NY’s cannabis market needs – mission-driven and committed to building community.

Nicole ain’t playin’ around – she’s the first Black woman in Manhattan to snag one of them coveted licenses for a cannabis dispensary. Her man, Christopher, got his name on it too ’cause of his past conviction. But with this opportunity, they’re lookin’ forward to building something special together.

The CCB chair spoke up at the latest meeting, shoutin’ out social equity applicants for takin’ that first step into New York’s cannabis industry. It’s been a long time comin’, but they’re ready to push forward and keep things movin’.

Bliss + Lex is all about providing a one-of-a-kind experience for customers, from easy-order options to hands-on education. They’ll be stockin’ up on products from brands like Off Hours and 1906, so you know it’s gonna be lit when you roll through. Swing by 128 East 86th St., hop off at the subway stop nearby, and check ’em out seven days a week.

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Aight fam, that’s the deal with Bliss + Lex – keep your eyes peeled for more fire moves from these trailblazers in the Big Apple. Peace!

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