Essential Deets on Hemp and Weed-infused Drinks

Essential Deets on Hemp and Weed-infused DrinksYo, check it out, fam. Hemp and marijuana drinks be raking in about $4 billion in sales, and best believe they ain’t slowing down anytime soon. These bad boys be tasty, intoxicating, and legal in most states. Here’s the lowdown on what you need to know about these lit beverages. Whether you prefer hemp or marijuana drinks, where you can cop them, how they hit you, and what goes down after sippin’ on ’em be different for each.

First off, let’s talk about hemp or CBD drinks. These bad boys be made by infusing hemp extract from the cannabis plant into some liquid base. The most poppin’ hemp-infused drinks be water, juice, tea, and coffee. One major difference between hemp and marijuana drinks be the “high”. With that Delta-9 hemp, you gonna feel a more intense vibe that hits you quicker than THC. It’s like a euphoric ride with your senses all heightened and feeling hella relaxed.

Now, when it comes to THC or marijuana drinks, you gotta digest that ish (kinda like an edible) for the THC to really hit your system. It takes about 15-20 minutes for it to kick in, peaking at around 45 minutes later. The high from a marijuana beverage can be straight-up unpredictable and maybe even more intense than with hemp drinks.

Oh, and don’t forget, 47 out of the 50 U.S. states plus DC have given the green light to sell and use hemp-derived CBD products. Like, Bayou City in Texas be a big player in this game with sales poppin’ off in mainstream stores. But cannabis drinks? They still playin’ catch up compared to gummies and can only be bought in them 24 legal recreational states.

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Scientists been peepin’ game and found out that them liners inside aluminum cans mess with the potency of these drinks. These liners do all sorts of stuff like keep the product fresh, prevent corrosion of the can, and most importantly, keep the flavor on point. Without these liners, the natural metal taste of aluminum would seep into your drink. That ain’t cool.

“Our theory is the cannabis material in them droplets gonna stick to the liner and mess with its potency,” said Vertosa founder, Harold Han.

So there you have it, folks. Next time you wanna sip on some hemp or marijuana drinks, remember the differences between them – from how they hit you to where you can find ’em. Stay woke and enjoy responsibly!

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