Da BEST tutorial on how to set up n’ use a pH pen – fo’ all yo’ growin’ needs

Da BEST tutorial on how to set up n' use a pH pen - fo' all yo' growin' needs

Yo, what up y’all? My name is Dan and today we gonna talk about how to use and calibrate a pH meter for growing that good good. If you just bought a new pH meter or thinking about buying one, listen up cause you need to know how to use it.

Now some of y’all might be thinkin’, “how hard can it be?” but trust me, it’s important to get accurate readings for your plants. We’re gonna break it down for you step by step so you can get those buds stackin’.

First things first, let’s learn how to calibrate a pH meter in five easy steps.

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Step one, get yo tools ready. You gonna need a pH meter, pH four calibration liquid, pH seven calibration liquid, pH ten calibration liquid, a Pyrex measuring cup, gloves, protective eyewear, and distilled water. Don’t forget the instruction manual!

Step two, get organized. Make sure your area is clean and there ain’t nothin’ on the pH meter or cup that could mess with the results. Turn on the pH meter.

Step three, enter calibration mode. Check the instruction manual to see which button to press to get into calibration mode. Put on them gloves and pour a little bit of the pH four calibration solution (about a quarter cup) into the measuring cup.

Step four, calibrate the pH four solution. Dip the pH meter (in calibration mode) into the solution. If it reads 4.0, you good! If not, set it manually to 4.0. Repeat steps two and three for pH seven and ten solutions.

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Step five, calibration complete! Once your pH meter aligns with all three solutions (pH 4, 7 and 10), you ready to go!

Now let’s talk about how to use that bad boy in three easy steps.

Step one, dip. Mix up your nutrient solution and dip the pH meter into it to see its current pH level. If it ain’t between 5.2-5.5, you gotta adjust it.

Step two, adjust. Use some pH up or down solution depending on whether you need to make it more acidic or basic. Apply small amounts until you get to that sweet spot of 5.2-5.5 pH.

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Step three, finalize. Wait 30 minutes after adjusting and take another reading with your pH meter. As long as it’s in that optimal range (pH 5.2-5.5), you good to go! Feed them plants and watch ’em grow.

So there you have it folks. Don’t ever feed your plants non-pH’d food or else you’re gonna have some sad looking plants. Use a calibrated pH meter and watch those buds bloom!

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