Colorado’s Weed Game Takes a Massive L after Hitting Rock Bottom – Consumers Getting Straight Up Devoured

Colorado's Weed Game Takes a Massive L after Hitting Rock Bottom - Consumers Getting Straight Up DevouredYo, peeps! Check it out, Colorado’s medicinal marijuana game took a major L in November 2023. Sales dropped down to just $14.5 million, a whopping 11.5% decline compared to the same month the previous year. Man, that ain’t lookin’ good for the industry, especially since it’s been goin’ downhill for four months straight now. Colorado might be witnessin’ some major declines in weed sales for the second year in a row. Damn.

So, you know what’s goin’ on? It looks like the whole “beggar thy neighbor” policy where out-of-state consumers were flockin’ to Colorado to cop their medical or recreational weed is slowly dyin’. People ain’t needin’ to cross state lines no more ’cause other states like New York, Connecticut, Maine, New Mexico, and Arizona are steppin’ up their game and gettin’ into the cannabis scene. They ramping up production and openin’ more retail spots. It’s like Colorado was the OG, but now everyone’s catchin’ up.

Are we seein’ an “unofficial” efficient market here? You know, where there’s enough weed being produced both legally and illegally to meet the demand of the consumers? Maybe everyone’s got their own “plug” now, someone they know or can get to who hooks them up with quality product for a good price. It’s somethin’ to think about.

Now let’s talk numbers. By November 2023, total cannabis sales in Colorado hit over $1.4 billion for the year. Sounds impressive, right? But hold up, ’cause that number is gonna fall way short of the $1.7 billion they achieved in 2022. In November alone, both recreational and medical marijuana retailers brought in $110.5 million in revenue, which is the lowest monthly total since February 2017. Damn, that’s a big drop.

When we break it down, adult-use sales made up around 87% of the total sales in Colorado. And guess what? They took a major hit too, with a 16% decline compared to last year, reachin’ only $95.8 million. Yo, that’s a lot of money lost. The Colorado Department of Revenue released this data on Thursday, makin’ it crystal clear that things ain’t lookin’ good for the weed game.

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And here’s the forecast for 2023: Colorado’s marijuana sales are expected to hit around $1.5 billion. But hold up! That’s a nearly 13% decrease compared to the numbers from 2022. Man, that’s a big drop. Colorado weed sales keep slidin’ down in November 2023, and medical marijuana sales dipped to $14.5 million, droppin’ about 11.5% year-over-year.

November ain’t been kind to the cannabis market in Colorado. It’s been four consecutive months of sales decreases. And yo, even on 4/20, the holy day for all stoners, Colorado had their worst cannabis sales in over five years. That’s rough.

So what’s goin’ on here? Why is Colorado takin’ such a big L? We gotta look at what might be influencing consumer behavior. Maybe there have been changes in laws or taxes that are makin’ people think twice about buyin’ weed. Or maybe it’s just the economy actin’ up, who knows? And let’s not forget about new competitors poppin’ up and consumer preferences shiftin’. All these factors could be playin’ a role in this prolonged slump.

But we can’t ignore the impact on businesses and employment either. As sales keep droppin’, companies might have to make some tough choices when it comes to staffin’ and operations. It’s a struggle out there, man. We gotta see how these businesses adapt and what the government does to support ’em.

And here’s the thing, we gotta figure out what’s goin’ on with consumers too. Are they switchin’ things up? Tryin’ different products? Reactin’ to economic uncertainties? We need to understand their behavior if we wanna predict what’s comin’ next. This decline has everyone scratchin’ their heads, so we need a deep dive into all the factors at play.

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Look, the bottom line is that Colorado’s weed industry is in trouble. Medicinal marijuana sales hit a seven-year low in November at just $14.5 million, droppin’ 11.5% compared to last year. This four-month slump is no joke, and it’s got everyone worried. Total sales for the year might pass the $1.4 billion mark, but it’s still gonna be way lower than the impressive $1.7 billion they made in 2022. That’s a big blow.

We gotta think long-term too. How is this decline affectin’ investor confidence? What does it mean for businesses and the economy? These are all questions we gotta ask ourselves, my friends. The cannabis industry needs to adapt and recover, so we gotta come up with some clever strategies and get back on track.

So there you have it, folks. Colorado weed sales are takin’ a nosedive, and it’s time to do some serious soul-searchin’. Let’s hope the industry can bounce back and keep the good vibes flowin’. Peace!

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  1. Yo, this article speakin truth. Colorado needa step they game up fo real, the weed scene been slippin hard. Ain’t nobody tryna get played like that.


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