Cavi Cones: Why Everyone’s Hyped And How To DIY

Cavi Cones: Why Everyone's Hyped And How To DIY

Yo, what’s good my fellow bud enthusiasts? It’s ya boy Dan, here to put you on to the latest trend that’s taking the cannabis game by storm – Cavi Cones. These pre-rolled joints ain’t your average doobie, they’re filled with way more than just your usual bud. Let me break it down for you and show you how to make your own unique version at home.

So, what’s the deal with these Cavi Cones? Are they legit or just another hyped-up experiment from American entrepreneurs? Honestly, it’s a bit of both. You’ve probably seen pre-rolled joints before, right? Well, Cavi Cones are similar. They’re cones that come pre-filled with that good good, making it easy for you to enjoy without any hassle.

The main advantage of a pre-roll is that it’s already been rolled up for you. This means that the burn is even and sustained, making it perfect for beginners or those who struggle with rolling their own. But yo, the Cavi Cone takes things up a notch or three. It’s like the evolution of the old-school European conical joint, but with a North American twist of maximalism and an unrelenting thirst for the extraordinary.

Cavi stands for caviar, and Cone means…well, cone. The original Cavi Cone is made by a cannabis company based in Los Angeles called Caviar Gold. It’s filled with top-quality bud, kief, cannabis distillate, and some natural flavors like vanilla, raspberry, apple, grape or strawberry – basically all the frills that the current cannabis industry has to offer.

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Each Cavi Cone contains between 48-52% THC in its conical paper – making it the most potent pre-roll on the market! Plus, the unique combination of different cannabis derivatives with all their terpenes is guaranteed to give you a buzz you won’t forget anytime soon. However, if you’re new to smoking or got a low tolerance level, then tread lightly when smoking an original Cavi Cone. There’s also a slightly less potent version called the Cavi J – which has the same quality ingredients but less THC.

A real Cavi Cone filling usually has a gold color due to its kief and concentrate content. If the mix is green or yellow or brown – it’s probably fake and full of buds and leaves. There have been some legal disputes between Caviar Gold and other cannabis companies because some dispensaries are trying to leverage the brand name to distribute lower-quality products. But we don’t need to worry about that here in Europe – where most of us can only make our homemade cones at home.

But don’t worry fam, making your own Cavi Cone ain’t no biggie. In fact, it allows you to customize your ingredients to your liking! Replicating the original product isn’t very difficult as long as you have the raw materials and know how to roll a proper conical joint.

Here’s what you’ll need:

– Dried cannabis buds

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– Hash oil of some kind

– Kief

– Flavourings such as vanilla or strawberry (completely optional)

– Conical rolling paper

Now let me show you how it’s done:

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1. Start off by grinding your buds to a size you would normally use when rolling a joint. You don’t want it too fine like powder; just small enough.

2. Next up- lay out your cone and drizzle some hash oil directly onto the flat paper. You can do any hash oil “design” you want – but be careful not to add too much because this will do more harm than good for your smoking experience.

3. Now is the time when you can add flavouring if you’d like – but this is optional! You can replicate Caviar Gold’s flavoured cones by using oils from dehydrated fruit if you want. Just don’t add too much because it could overwhelm your smoke! You might be better off using an amazingly aromatic and tasty strain instead.

4. Add as much kief as you want into that hash oil/flavouring mix – then load in your bud and roll up that cone with precision! If you need some tips on proper rolling technique – check out our other post on rolling techniques!

And there you have it – light up and enjoy your very own homemade Cavi Cone! Due to its potency and contents – just one cone can potentially get up to four people super blazed! So invite over your best stoner buddies for something they’ve probably never experienced before.

Overall fam, making a homemade Cavi Cone isn’t too difficult – but it does require effort and care just like creating any other generation of cannabis roll-ups! If anything – these cones prove that there’s no shortage of creativity or curiosity in the cannabis community – so roll up and enjoy!

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