Cannabis and them pesky Leafhoppers: Spot ‘Em and Beat ‘Em!

Cannabis and them pesky Leafhoppers: Spot 'Em and Beat 'Em!

Yo, what up fam? It’s ya boy Dan and today we gonna talk about leafhoppers and how they can mess up your cannabis plants. Now, we all know that using cannabis is lit, but growing it ain’t easy. Especially when these small insects, as tiny as grains of sand, start hopping around your plants and causing destruction. These little pests are called leafhoppers and they can really mess up your grow-op.

So, what are these leafhoppers anyway? They suck out the sap from your plant while leaving behind sticky honeydew, which causes mold to develop and leads to discoloration, leaf drop, and loss of flowers. But no need to trip, cause there’s a solution to this problem. You gotta kill those leafhopper nymphs before they become adults.

Now let’s talk about how to identify these pests. Leafhoppers come in different sizes and colors ranging from brown to green to yellow. The adults are usually less than a centimeter long with a wedge-shaped body and can fly away quickly when they sense danger. Nymphs or baby leafhoppers don’t have wings and appear in a lighter shade. They’re fast runners and jumpers too – they can even run sideways if they have to.

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So how do these pesky bugs cause damage? Well, they secrete a sticky toxin that makes it easier for them to absorb the leaves’ nutrients, leaving behind spotting and white specks. This toxin is what contributes to subsequent damage in the form of leaf curling, yellowing, stunting, and distortion. Unlike caterpillars, though, leafhoppers don’t leave holes on leaves – just spots.

Now let’s get into the good stuff – how to get rid of these pests! First off, check for any signs of infestation especially during hot and dry weather when they’re thirsty and most visible. Make sure to check underneath the leaves where they like to hide.

Using an insecticide that’s specifically designed to kill leafhoppers is an effective way to get rid of these pests. But make sure you use one made from natural ingredients to avoid any adverse effects on your body. Spinosad is one of the most reputable leafhopper-killers on the market. Spray it under the leaves and on the sides where they’re commonly found.

If you’re not into using insecticide sprays, you could also try using an anti-leafhopper soap which weakens their outer shells. Another option is neem oil which is stronger than other methods but leaves an unpleasant smell and taste on surrounding plants. Be careful not to spray this on other plants or your cannabis buds!

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Ladybugs can also be released into your garden since they love eating these tiny monsters up. And if you’re on a tight budget, floating row covers can prevent insects and pests from crawling on your cannabis without blocking sunlight or restricting airflow.

Last but not least, pyrethrins are deadly for pests like leafhoppers but not very toxic for humans or plants. Just be cautious if you have bees since it will kill them too.

So there you have it fam! Follow these tips and methods to combat those ravenous critters wreaking havoc on your precious plants. Don’t let those pesky bugs ruin your lit grow-op!

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