Bubba Kush Strain Review: Straight Fire or Nah?

Bubba Kush Strain Review: Straight Fire or Nah?

Yo, what’s good, my fellow stoners? It’s ya boy, Dan, coming at you with a review of the dank-ass strain known as Bubba Kush. If you’re an indica lover, this is the bud for you, fam. It’s got great yields and a relaxing high that’ll have you coming back for more.

This strain was born in the nineties, bred by a homie known as Bubba who had been experimenting with growing various strains. He was working with two separate strains at the time, one called Bubba and the other called Kush – which was notoriously hard to grow. But Bubba knew it was worth the effort because it was some of the best stuff around. When he moved to Los Angeles, the two strains accidentally cross-pollinated and that’s how Bubba Kush came to be.

Bubba Kush is indica-dominant and has all the classic traits of an indica strain. It grows short and bushy with heavy tops covered in vibrant red hairs and THC crystals. If you know what you’re doing, you can get an outstanding yield exceeding 600 g/m2 in merely 7-9 weeks of flowering.

But it’s not just about how it grows, it’s about how it smokes. The smoke has a sweet overtone with earthy and pine flavors coming through. And let me tell you, the high is something else. It’s happy and relaxing, washing away any pains or aches you might have. But don’t plan on getting anything done during the day if you smoke this – save it for when you want to relax at night or before bed. It’s perfect for those who suffer from sleeping disorders because sleep comes easy when you smoke Bubba Kush. But watch out, it’s pretty potent and can lead to couch-lock and some serious munchies if you overdo it.

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The finished product has incredible density and top-shelf terpene profiles. Bubba Kush is highly regarded among cannabis sellers thanks to its matchless bag appeal. The buds are tightly packed and hard as a rock, dripping in a thick coating of sticky resin.

Overall, Bubba Kush is the real deal. It’s got great yields, a fast flowering time, and a top-shelf experience. But it does require a moderate knowledge and level of experience to get the best out of it. A novice can still get good results, but it needs that little extra to push it to the limits. I’m giving Bubba Kush 5 out of 5 stars, my homies.

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