Purple Kush Strain Review – Yo, This Sh*t is FIRE, Don’t Sleep on It!

Purple Kush Strain Review - Yo, This Sh*t is FIRE, Don't Sleep on It!

Yo, what’s poppin’ my people? It’s ya boy Dan, comin’ at ya with some knowledge about that Purple Kush cannabis strain. You know that shiz is famous all over the world and has spawned tens of hundreds of new strains. This high-quality herb can be grown indoors or outdoors and its smell is straight up fire. Trust me, I’ve been smoking this dank for decades and it never fails to give me a sick high.

Let me school ya on where this strain comes from. It’s roots are in Oakland, Cali and it’s a mix of Purple Afghani and the Hindu Kush strains. If you want some serious yield and delicious taste, then Purple Kush is one of the best strains to get your hands on.

Now let’s talk about growin’ this herb. Purple Kush is a strong and fast-growing strain that can grow up to 4 feet tall or even more. So, don’t even think about growing any other plants near it. If you’re growing it indoors, you gotta control the height to about 1 or 2 feet so it doesn’t take up too much space. And remember, this plant needs lots of proper nutrients when it’s growing big.

Good news is, this weed plant is resistant to mold, pests, and parasites because the leaves taste bitter and pests stay away from it like it’s got cooties or somethin’. Indoors, Purple Kush flowers in only 8 weeks and you can expect a yield of 14 ounces per square meter. Outdoors, you’ll need to shield the plant from rain and humidity but if you do it right, you can get 9 ounces per plant in late September.

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Now let’s get into the medical benefits because this shiz isn’t just for partying. The CBD level in Purple Kush is 0.1% and it’s loved by patients for its chronic pain and muscle spasm relief capability. This herb makes your body numb so you feel way less pain. And it also helps keep your mind clear and calm which is perfect for people with anxiety or depression.

But let me tell you about the effects of smoking this herb because that’s what we’re all here for right? Purple Kush has 22% THC in it which makes it one of the strongest strains out there. It can make you feel euphoric and happy without any reason at all. But watch out because some people might feel sleepy due to its Indica properties – but don’t worry, you’ll still feel fuzzy and buzzy while feeling sleepy.

Best time to smoke this shiz is in the evening after a long day at work because it will make you forget your stress and worries of the day. Just make sure to have some snacks nearby because this herb will give you hella munchies. If you’re new to smoking weed, go easy with this strain because its effects can last for a couple of hours.

Now let’s talk about the taste and smell because that’s what makes smoking weed such an experience. When you light up that joint, you’ll first notice how earthy it tastes with hints of sandalwood mixed with grapes and tangy fruits. Trust me when I say you’ll be reminded of sweet berries when smoking it.

And the smell? Brutha, lemme tell ya – it’s pungent and unique af. When you light that joint up, you’ll smell a sweet fruity aroma mixed with spicy notes around you.

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So there ya have it folks – everything ya need to know about that Purple Kush cannabis strain. And if ya wanna grow it yourself, just remember to give it plenty of proper nutrients and shield it from rain and humidity if you’re growing outdoors.

Until next time my peeps, stay lit!

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