Biden Drops Bombshell: Weed Laws Get Overhauled, Praises Big Change To Correct Social Injustice

Biden Drops Bombshell: Weed Laws Get Overhauled, Praises Big Change To Correct Social InjusticeYo, peep this – President Joe Biden just dropped a bomb on us all. He’s officially moving to reschedule marijuana under federal law. This ain’t no small deal, man. It’s a big deal, a monumental move. The man deserves some props for finally recognizing the truth.

The Justice Department is about to drop its proposed rule to shift cannabis from Schedule I to Schedule III under the Controlled Substances Act. That’s right, they’re making moves to make weed less illegal. After that, there’s gonna be a 60-day public comment period before it’s official.

Biden himself made a video announcement about this major change. He’s all about reclassifying Mary Jane from a Schedule I drug to a Schedule III drug. This is huge for fixing some long-standing inequalities that have been messing with people for way too long.

And let me tell you, this is just the beginning. Biden’s been busy pardoning folks left and right for simple marijuana possession offenses. He’s making sure that people won’t be held back from housing, jobs, or loans just because they like to smoke a little green.

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Vice President Kamala Harris is also on board with this shift. She pointed out that right now, weed is classified as more dangerous than fentanyl and heroin. That ain’t right, and she’s glad to see it changing. She shouted out all the advocates who’ve been pushing for this change – it’s because of them that we’re seeing progress.

The White House is buzzing with excitement over this news. They’re saying that moving weed from Schedule I to Schedule III is a game-changer. It’s gonna open up new research opportunities and help undo some of the damage that’s been done by the War on Drugs.

But don’t get too hyped just yet. The public comment period is coming up, and people are gonna have a lot to say about this move. Some folks are stoked that weed is finally getting recognized for its potential benefits and low risk of abuse. Others are worried that rescheduling won’t go far enough to really fix the problems caused by prohibition.

And let’s not forget about the haters out there. There are still plenty of folks who want to keep weed in the same category as heroin and meth. They’re gonna fight tooth and nail to keep things the way they are.

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Either way, it looks like we’re on the path to change. The DEA is gearing up to make this shift happen, and President Biden is standing by his word to make things right. So keep your eyes peeled, ’cause things are about to get interesting in the world of weed.

Stay tuned for more updates on this historic move toward marijuana justice! Peace out, y’all!

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