Biden’s Weed Tweet Blew Up with the Likes and Comments

Biden's Weed Tweet Blew Up with the Likes and CommentsYo, check it, the State of the Union address has been poppin’ for years, originally known as “the President’s Annual Message to Congress.” It all started way back with George Washington, but didn’t get its official name until 1934 when FDR came through. Now, when President Biden dropped that mention of marijuana, it was straight up historic. It showed how far we’ve come from the days of the war on drugs. And let me tell you, when he tweeted about it, things got real spicy up in here. Biden’s weed tweet blew up with 14 million views, 12,000 comments, and 104,000 likes. That’s some serious engagement, fam.

The President talked about pardoning folks for marijuana offenses, which got a lot of people talking. According to BDSA, a big analytics firm in the cannabis game, the industry raked in $29.5 billion in 2023. That’s some serious cash flow right there. And when we’re talking about growing the economy and collecting them taxes, why not tap into this fresh industry that everybody wants? But nah, old-school laws are holding back the little guys trying to make moves.

Now when you sift through all them comments on Biden’s tweet that ain’t about weed, you see three main things poppin’ off. First off, there’s still some bitterness towards Vice President Harris for her stance on weed in the past. People were hyped when Biden got elected ’cause he was supposed to be about that cannabis life. But his slow progress and VP Harris’s history with the issue got folks heated with their comments.

Then you got a whole bunch of peeps just shouting out to Biden like, “Yo, make a move already!” Science, the American Medical Association, and even federal agencies like HHS and FDA have all said there are legit benefits to cannabis use. So why the hold-up? The public is calling out for action ASAP.

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And lastly, there’s a bunch of talk about whether Biden’s pardons really did much for those locked up on weed charges. Some folks feel like he ain’t done enough and they want him to know it.

The cannabis industry is blowing up right now, but it still needs some help to keep on growing. If we could just reschedule weed at the federal level, state operators could start taking tax deductions they can’t get under IRS code 280E. That would be a game-changer for the small businesses making up more than half of the cannabis scene.

So yeah, Biden might wanna pay attention to all that feedback he’s getting on his weed talk ’cause the people are speaking loud and clear. Time to make some moves and let this industry thrive like it deserves. Peace out, y’all.

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