Best 5 Auto Flower Sativa Strains: 2024 Drop

Best 5 Auto Flower Sativa Strains: 2024 DropYo, check it out! We talkin’ ’bout the top 5 Autoflowering Sativa Cannabis Strains for 2024. Shoutout to all my cannabis growers out there lookin’ for that next level autoflowering sativa-dominant strains to puff on. Let’s dive in and see what’s poppin’ in the world of cannabis strains.

So, you know how we got your indicas and sativas, but have you heard ’bout that third type called ruderalis? It may not look like much, but it’s got that autoflowering genetics that keeps it relevant in the game. No need for a specific light cycle with these babies, so you can blaze up sooner than with regular strains. Mix that ruderalis with some classic sativas and indicas, and boom! Autoflowering hybrids are born, yo! These babies have come a long way and they pack a punch despite their humble beginnings.

Let’s jump into the top 5 autoflowering sativa hybrids you gotta get your hands on in 2024:

1. **Blue Dream Auto**
Starting off strong with this descendant of the famous Blue Dream. With NorCal roots and a sweet aroma filling the air, this strain is literal perfection. Energy buzz without goin’ cray-cray. Only 10-11 weeks from sprout to harvest, indoors or out.

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2. **Bruce Banner Auto**
Hailing from Colorado, Bruce Banner genetics mixed with some ruderalis genetics gave birth to this potent strain. Citrusy taste and herbs in a coordinated dance, providing a nice buzz without killing productivity. Harvest in just 10-12 weeks, indoors reaching 33.2 inches, outdoors up to 46.8 inches.

3. **Amnesia Haze Auto**
Powerful as many photoperiod strains, this one packs around 18% THC for a lifted experience. Sweet and spicy aroma with sweet and earthy flavors to match. Harvest time cut down to 10-12 weeks total from germination. Indoor yields up to 14.1 oz/m², outdoor yields up to 6.3 oz.

4. **Gorilla Glue Auto**
Like its namesake, this strain hits hard but won’t knock you out. American genes bring forth a powerhouse auto at 21% THC. Lift your spirits up and get ready for the world with hashy and candy flavors. Harvest in just 8-9 weeks, indoor yields up to 17.6 oz/m², outdoor yields up to 5.3 oz.

5. **Green Crack Auto**
A potent strain with a thunderous THC content of 24%. Sweet and earthy flavors with a strong citrus aroma make this one stand out. Harvest in as little as 9-10 weeks after sprout, with high rewards indoors up to 15.9 oz/m² and outdoors up to 6.2 oz per plant.

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So there you have it, fam! The top 5 Autoflower Sativa Cannabis Strains for 2024 that you need in your stash right now. Keep growin’ like a champ and enjoy these fire strains! Peace out ✌🏽

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