Ain’t No Croptober Here – Learn How to Grow Cannabis All Year Round

Ain't No Croptober Here - Learn How to Grow Cannabis All Year RoundYo, peep this – why hustle for just one weed harvest a year when you can cop multiple? Imagine having that fresh green on deck whenever you want. Growers can make it happen by keeping a garden running all year with a system called perpetual harvest. Instead of waiting on one big batch annually, you can pull small amounts of that sticky icky multiple times throughout the year. Depending on how you set up, you could be copping weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or whenever suits your vibe.

For all the personal growers out there, this system ensures your stash is always stacked with that fresh fire. And for the commercial growers, it’s a steady income flow and constant work for your team. No more waiting games, just a steady grind without all the stress hitting at once.

Here’s how to keep those crops coming all year long:

Yo, trying to grow weed plants the regular way while aiming for multiple harvests will have you burnt out quick. You gotta level up your game and grind harder to nail more than one crop a year. Your budget is gonna play a big part in this hustle.

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The key to stacking up those harvests lies in playing with the flowering and vegetative processes, and reworking (or even expanding) your grow space. You’ll need enough room indoors or space for a greenhouse outdoors. Splitting the areas for seedlings, veg growth, and flowering is crucial to keep the process flowing smoothly.

Ready to dive in? Let’s break down how a perpetual weed harvest goes down.

Gear Up for That Multi-Harvest Life:

To get your multi-harvest game running, you’re gonna need:

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Extra Growing Space/Tent: Split your grow area into two sections with different lighting schedules. You can rock one big grow tent or room, but you need to throw up a wall and door between the spaces. One section is for vegging plants while the other is for flowering plants.

Weaker Lights: Since you need different light schedules in different areas, you’re gonna need an extra set of lights. The ones in the veg space don’t have to be as powerful since those plants need less light than the flowering ones.

Light-Proofing Supplies: Make sure the area for flowering plants is sealed tight to block out any unwanted light.

Humidity, Temperature, and Air Circulation Supplies: Keep an eye on humidity, temp, and airflow with more plants in your space. Make sure things stay cool so you don’t run into issues like mold.

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Set Up Your Grow Area:

Once you’ve got all your gear together, it’s time to get those growing spaces set up.

Seedling/Vegetative Stage: Seedlings and veg-stage plants need different light intensities but share the same light cycle requirements. Keep them in separate areas within the same room.

For seedlings, use small fluorescent T5 lamps overhead on an 18/6 schedule. For clones, add heat pads underneath and humidity domes overhead.

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Veg-stage plants need brighter lights – metal halide (MH) or LED are solid choices here. Even though these lights cost more and use up more power, they give you bigger yields.

Flowering Stage: When your plants are ready to bloom, move them to a spot with LED or high-pressure sodium (HPS) lighting on a 12/12 cycle. Fans and vents are essential to controlling temp and humidity.

Crop Rotation:

The real trick to a perpetual harvest is running a tight crop rotation.

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When one set of plants moves into flowering stage, you gotta be ready with clones or fresh seeds for the veg space right away. This means harvesting the first set of plants before the new ones start flowering – timing is everything here.

Timing is Everything:

Before diving in, pick seeds based on their flowering times – make sure they match up right. The veg phase of the second set of plants should match the flowering phase of the first set. If your timing’s off, your cycle gets thrown off track.

Taking Clones and Planting Seeds:

Timing’s crucial when taking clones from your first batch of plants – snag ’em about three weeks before harvest. For planting seeds, make sure they’ve got enough time to sprout before moving them into the veg space. Smooth timing keeps that perpetual harvest rolling along.

How Many Harvests Can You Cop Outdoors?

With this setup locked in, now’s the time to crunch numbers and see how many harvests you can score in a year. The frequency depends on your grow space size, plant number, and other factors.

Most growers pulling this off can hit at least two healthy harvests each year. A third one’s doable too but it takes extra energy and space. With optimal conditions including space, time, and gear – you could potentially rack up six harvests a year!

In Conclusion:

Perpetual harvesting lets cannabis farmers roll out their favorite strains all year round for that never-ending supply of fresh green. Smart crop rotation, timing tricks, and keeping environmental controls tight helps growers max out their harvests with multiple yields throughout the year. Whether you’re hustling for personal use or big-time production – perpetual harvesting keeps that top-quality green coming steady all year long.

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