3 Lit AF Weed Edibles You Can Munch Without Even Hitting the Kitchen

3 Lit AF Weed Edibles You Can Munch Without Even Hitting the Kitchen

Yo, my name’s Dan and I’m about to drop some knowledge on y’all about making cannabis edibles without baking. Now, I know baking can be a hassle and take up a lot of time, but trust me, these methods are quick and easy. So grab your tools and let’s get started!

First up, we got THC infused honey sticks. These little babies are super convenient and can add a sweet buzz to anything you want. Just drizzle that sticky goodness on top of cookies, cakes, or even in your tea or coffee. It’s like a magical potion that turns any treat into a mind-blowing experience. And if you ain’t into getting high, there’s also CBD infused honey sticks that won’t mess with your head but still provide some relaxation.

Now, if you’re feeling adventurous and wanna step up your edible game, try some infused condiments. Yeah, you heard me right, we’re talking about THC-infused sriracha, syrup, and sugar. Imagine spicing up your favorite dishes with a little extra kick of THC. Whether you wanna add some heat to your noodles or make your pancakes fly high, these condiments got your back. Just be careful not to overdo it, unless you wanna spend the rest of the day on cloud nine.

But hold up, what if you already got some edibles lying around that don’t really tickle your fancy? Don’t worry fam, I gotchu covered. Take that chocolate edible and melt it down with some coconut oil or butter. Mix it all up in a pot or microwave until it’s smooth like silk. Now you got yourself a delicious chocolate mix that can be added to fruits or any other treat you desire. But heed my warning, my friend: take it slow and steady. Don’t go scarfing down the whole batch in one go unless you wanna blast off to another dimension.

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Now that I’ve given you the lowdown on these no-bake edibles, you might be wondering why bother with all this when you can just smoke it up. Well, my friend, let me tell you why. See, when you eat cannabis instead of smoking it, the effects hit you differently. It takes a bit longer for the high to kick in, but when it does, oh boy, it hits you like a freight train. Plus, the high tends to last longer and be more potent. So if you’re looking for a different kind of buzz, these edibles are where it’s at.

But before you go all gung-ho and start cooking up a storm, there’s a few things you gotta keep in mind. First off, dosing is crucial. You don’t wanna end up in the stratosphere because you miscalculated how much weed to use. Start low and slow, and gradually increase your dose until you find your sweet spot. And always remember, edibles take time to kick in, so don’t go gobbling more thinking it ain’t working. Trust me, it’s working, just be patient.

Secondly, quality matters. Use good quality weed and ingredients for your edibles if you wanna get the most out of ’em. Don’t skimp on the good stuff, my friend. Your taste buds and your high will thank you.

Lastly, always label your edibles. You don’t wanna accidentally mix ’em up with regular treats and have your grandma unknowingly tripping balls at Sunday dinner. It’s all fun and games until Aunt Sally starts flying around the room thinking she’s Peter Pan.

So there you have it, folks. Three no-bake cannabis edibles that’ll take your high to a whole new level. Whether you’re drizzling honey sticks on everything in sight or spicing up your dishes with some infused condiments, these treats are sure to satisfy your cravings. Just remember to dose responsibly and enjoy the ride. Stay lit, my friends!

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