10 New Strains Dropped in 2023

10 New Strains Dropped in 2023

Ay yo, whaddup! It’s ya boi Dan in da house, comin’ atcha widda scoop on dem new strains dat recently dropped on da seed market. Dat’s right, 2023 brought us 10 new weed strains dat are straight fire. Let’s break it down and see what all dese new concoctions gon’ do for ya.

First up is dat GG4 x Zkittlez. Now this one is a real head-turner. Pound for pound it’s gotta be one of da strongest outta da bunch. This new hybrid train will hit ya like a freight train and keep you lifted fo’ hours on end. Some folks say they get a little too toasted by dis one so proceed wit caution if you ain’t used to dat kinda strength.

Next up is White Cheese. Dis one is a real mellow, laid back strain dat gives off a smooth, cheese-like flavor. It don’t hit as hard as some of da others but it’ll still have ya feelin’ calmer den a cucumber by da time it’s through. Perfect for when you jus wanna chill and vibe out.

Third is GSC Extreme x Do-Si-Dos, anudder heavy hitter in da pack. It’s got a sweet cookie aroma and packs an almighty punch. Dat high is intense and comes on quick, so if you lookin’ fo’ sumthin dat gon’ knock yo socks off den dis one is fo’ ya!

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Up next is Red Mimosa XL Auto, an autoflower one dat grows quick yet still manages ta be a big producer. These buds come out red homie, so if you looking for dat color crazy bud, then check this one out. It’s got a sweet skunky aroma and gives off a relaxed vibe that’ll keep ya lifted fo’ hours on end. Da perfect strain fo’ days when you jus need ta kick back and relax.

Fifthly we got Strawberry Cheesecake Auto. Dis one gives off notes of strawberry n’ cheesecake and hits pretty hard. It also packs a cerebral slap to the dome dat’ll likely leave your brain swimmin in ideas n’ motivation. Great fo when you need ta get somethin done but still wanna maintain da chill vibes at da same time.

So far we’ve covered 5 of the 10 strains dropped this year and we ain’t even close to being finished yet! Up next is Amnesia Early Flower, with some serious potency, and will have you feelin’ it quick-fast-in-a-hurry! It has quite a bit of skunk ta it as well as some hints of citrus so it’s definitely got its own unique flavor profile goin’ on here.

Number 7 in da lineup is Blueberry Zkittlez Auto, anudder autoflower that won’t mess ’round when it comes ta delivering dem exotics! It brings widdit real strong fruity dreams ‘n flavors and can have you feeling lightheaded n’ soar after just one puff. Definitely not one fo the faint of heart!

Eight on our list is Tangerine Sugar, which is sorta like a combination between different Skunks wit its own unique flavor profile comprised of earthy skunk n’ sweet citrus aromas dat blend together rather nicely. Pink Panther has quite a powerful high n’ can make ya feel real alert n’ focused yet still kickin back at da same time – almost like your sittin on top of da world!

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We almost done here y’all – jus two more ta go! Number 9 on our list is Sherbet Queen, which has some real nice notes of ice cream n’ candy dat linger on da tongue after you take yo draw. Even though it ain’t nearly as high yieldin’ as some of the other strains, it still brings in top shelf exotic bud so make sure you take it easy with dis one if y’all know what I’m sayin’.

Last but not least we got Critical Runtz, which has some straight fire yields combined wit super fruity terps – notes of sweets ‘n citrus undertones dat come together to create an incredibly unique experience like no other! Dis strain’ll likely leave you feeling uplifted n’ energized yet still relaxed at the same time – perfect fo when you feelin cloudy n’ could use some extra sunshine in your life!

And there ya have it folks! Dat was 10 new strains dropped in 2023 – each wit their own unique effects n’ flavors guaranteed ta tantalize yo tastebuds n’ keep yo lifted for hours on end. So head on over ta ya favorite seed bank now and get yo hands on these tasty treats while they last cause once they gone they gone forever!

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