Yo, How to Keep Your Trimming Scissors Fresh?

Yo, How to Keep Your Trimming Scissors Fresh?

Yo yo yo, what’s good my fellow cannabis trimmers? It’s ya boy Dan, back at it again with some knowledge bombs for y’all. Today we’re talking about something that’s mad important in the weed grower’s toolbox- bud trimming scissors. If you ain’t got a good pair of trimming scissors, how you gonna harvest your buds, huh? But hey, it’s not enough to just own ’em; you gotta take care of ’em too. That’s why I’m here to spit some game on how to keep yo scissors in tip-top condition. Let’s get into it.

First of all, why even bother cleaning weed trimming scissors? It’s simple, really. The resin from leaves, buds, and stems is super sticky and can gum up your scissors real quick. And if you don’t clean ’em, they’ll be covered in resin and useless by the time your next harvest rolls around. Plus, dirty scissors can mess up your bud trimming game and leave you with a hack job instead of the clean cuts you need. So, let’s keep our trimming scissors clean and accurate, shall we?

Now, let’s talk about the differences between trimming scissors and pruning shears. Both are essential tools for cannabis cultivation, but they’re not exactly the same thing. Trimming scissors are designed with razor-sharp precision in mind, with curved blades that fit snugly against the round edges of buds to create a uniform shape. Pruning shears, on the other hand, have flat blades and a plastic grip with a thumb ring. They’re still precise but designed for faster cuts when pruning multiple plants.

Okay, so how do we actually clean these bad boys? Traditional cleaners ain’t gonna cut it with that thick cannabis resin at play. Here are five ways to get your trimming scissors looking fresh:

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1. Freezing: Post-harvest, your trimming scissors will be covered in debris and resin. To clean most of it off, pop them in the freezer for 24 hours. Once the resin is frozen, use a knife or scalpel to scrape it off the blades (but don’t toss it out!). That resin is also known as “scissor hash” and can add a little extra kick to your next joint if you sprinkle it on top.

2. Rubbing alcohol: High-grade alcohol is the bomb when it comes to cleaning all kinds of smoking tools- including trimming scissors. Use a sturdy cloth and some elbow grease to rub away the resin until the blades start to glisten. For stubborn spots or buildup, soak the blades in rubbing alcohol for 15 minutes before cleaning.

3. White vinegar: If you’re on a budget or just don’t wanna buy anything special, white vinegar works surprisingly well as a cleaning agent for trimming scissors. Wipe down the blades repeatedly until they’re clean- but be aware that white vinegar isn’t as effective as other products and may take a few rounds to get everything off.

4. Citrus remover: Another home remedy that works nearly as well as rubbing alcohol is citrus remover. Mix equal parts baking soda and coconut oil with natural citrus oil in a bowl; the resulting liquid will make short work of sticky cannabis resin. Or, you could just rub the blades with citrus peel since the oil is in there too.

5. Cleaning wipes: No hassle or fuss here- just grab some cleaning wipes designed for trimming scissors and wipe away that resin buildup.

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Lastly, don’t forget about aftercare for your trimming scissors! A light rubdown with machine oil before storing them in a cool, dark place will keep them ready to rock and roll come harvest time. And hey- if you’ve got two pairs of trimming scissors to alternate between during harvest season, you’ll limit the resin buildup and make cleaning even easier.

There you have it- now go forth and keep those bud trimming scissors sparkling clean!

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