Yo, How Long Does It Take to Grow That Dank Indoors?

Yo, How Long Does It Take to Grow That Dank Indoors?

Yo, what’s up everyone? It’s your boy Dan here, and today we’re talking about how long it takes to grow weed indoors. Now, let me tell you, this ain’t a straightforward answer, my dudes. There are so many factors that come into play, like the strain genetics, growing methods used, and environmental conditions. But don’t get your panties in a twist, because I got you covered. Check out these guidelines on the timescales involved when growing weed so you can plan your grow accordingly and get those sweet rewards.

The Different Stages of Growing Cannabis

First things first, we gotta break down the different stages involved in growing feminized photoperiod cannabis indoors. This includes preparation time before you even start growing, and drying and curing time after harvest. Here’s a breakdown of the typical stages:

Preparation time before you grow (0–4 weeks) – The time it takes to get your seeds and supplies together and to get your grow room ready.

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Time to grow cannabis (8 weeks – 7+ months) – The time needed to grow weed from when you germinate your seeds until harvest, including the four growing phases of cannabis:

1. Germination (1–7 days) – When your seeds start sprouting.

2. Seedling stage (10–15 days) – The baby phase of your freshly sprouted cannabis plant.

3. Vegetative stage (2–8+ weeks) – This stage lasts until the plant has reached a certain size. Depending on how much space you have to work with, bigger plants can mean bigger yields.

4. Flowering stage (5–16+ weeks) – This is when the buds start blooming. How long it takes for the buds to ripen depends on the strain you’re growing.

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Time after harvest (2–4+ weeks) – After harvesting your plants, you need to dry and cure your buds before you can smoke them.

A Detailed Timeline on Growing Cannabis

Now that we’ve broken down the different stages of growing weed, let’s dive into some specifics so you can maximize your operation.

Preparation Time Before You Grow

Time: 0–4 weeks

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If you’ve already got your seeds and grow room ready to go, then there won’t be much prep time needed to start your grow. Otherwise, this period includes the time it takes to order and receive your seeds and source any equipment like pots and soil. Expect prep time to take anywhere from 0–4 weeks if you still need equipment before starting.

Time to Grow Cannabis

Time: 8 weeks – 7+ months

This covers everything from germination to harvest.

Germinating Your Seeds

Time: 1–7 days

Germinating your seeds is the first serious step in growing weed. If something goes wrong with germinating like low-quality or old seeds that won’t pop, then there won’t be anything left to grow. But no worries if you go with ILGM because their seeds are top-quality with high germination rates. To germinate your seeds, use the paper towel method or put seeds in water. Good seeds won’t take more than two days until the taproot shows.

Seedling Stage

Time: 10–15 days

Once your seeds have sprouted with embryonic leaves popping out of the shell, this is when the seedling stage begins. These baby plants are only a few centimeters tall and have just one or two sets of tiny leaves.

Vegetative Stage

Time: 2–8+ weeks

Your cannabis plant’s vegetative stage starts once it’s outgrown its seedling pot and is ready for a larger container. You want to veg for as long as possible but not so long that it outgrows your space. On average, vegetative stage lasts 4-6 weeks.

Flowering Stage

Time: 5–16+ weeks

This is when the buds start blooming depending on how much light they receive. The flowering time varies depending on genetics but typically lasts 7-10 weeks for most strains.

Time After Harvest

Time: 2-4+ weeks

After harvesting your plants, drying and curing is necessary before smoking them.

What Influences Marijuana Growing Speed?

If you want to control how long it takes to grow weed, then look at these factors:

Genetics – Indica-dominant strains and hybrids tend to grow faster than sativas.

Growing environment – Light, temperature, humidity, medium type and nutrients all play a role in growth speed.

Training – Training techniques like topping or fimming can increase yield but also delay growth.

How Much Time is Needed to Grow Cannabis — the Bottom Line

Mapping out your grow from start-to-finish is important if you want success growing weed indoors. Knowing what factors influence speed along with average timescales for each phase will help set you up for success every time you grow! And remember, if photoperiod strains are too uncertain or take too long, then try growing autoflowers which only take around 8-9 weeks post-germination. Happy Growing!

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