Yo, Can You Puff in Cambodia? What’s Good with Happy Pizza? Worth a Hit or Nah?

Yo, Can You Puff in Cambodia? What's Good with Happy Pizza? Worth a Hit or Nah?

Yo, what’s good, it’s your boy Dan reporting live from Cambodia! Have you ever heard of Happy Pizza Shops? If not, let me put you on game. And for all my homies out there wondering if weed is legal in Cambodia, the answer is no, but that doesn’t stop the fun. Keep reading to learn more about the dope marijuana culture in Cambodia.

Let’s talk about the history of cannabis in Cambodia. Marijuana was introduced in Southeast Asia around 1600 years ago and since then, Cambodians have been using it for cooking purposes. It was used as a spice in some Khmer cuisine dishes to add flavor and was also utilized for medicinal purposes. However, by 1961 it became illegal due to the Single Convention on Narcotics settlement, but weak law enforcement kept weed sold in Cambodia.

In 1992, when the United Nations Transitional Authority arrived for its peacekeeping mission, they made medical cannabis illegal as well. But again, law enforcement was weak, so this didn’t stop people from enjoying their happy pizza.

Fast forward to 1996, and the country passed its first drug law, the Cannabis Act, which made cannabis an unlawful drug. But Cambodians can grow a few plants for medical or cooking purposes. It’s important to note that these laws only apply to citizens of Cambodia. Foreigners and tourists can still enjoy their weed without worrying about breaking any laws.

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Now let’s talk about the happy pizza culture in Cambodia. Although it’s not legal to smoke weed, you’ll find Happy Pizza shops all over the capital city of Phnom Penh and other cities like Siem Reap. These restaurants serve pizzas and other dishes topped with marijuana leaves. When you eat these happy pizzas, you won’t necessarily get high, but you’ll definitely feel a happy feeling that will keep you coming back for more. However, be cautious and don’t overdo it. Cambodia is a developing country with poor medical facilities compared to other countries, so you never know what could happen.

While smoking weed in public is illegal and comes with a heavy fine, police usually won’t send you to jail for having or consuming weed unless you become a danger to the public. If you’re caught with cannabis, try bribing the police as it usually works. But if your luck isn’t on your side and you get caught, penalties will get worse.

If you’re looking for real marijuana instead of infusing it in their food, Siem Reap and Phnom Penh are better places to buy weed from tuk-tuk drivers at night. However, don’t expect the quality to be top-notch as you’re getting it for a small amount of money.

Overall, we don’t encourage breaking laws but if you’re going to partake in marijuana culture in Cambodia, it’s best to do it safely and within reason. Enjoy the weed-infused cuisine of Cambodia and avoid drawing attention from law enforcement.

Stay safe my friends and make good decisions!

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