Why leaves be getting rust spots when they flowering? [What’s the deal?]

Why leaves be getting rust spots when they flowering? [What's the deal?]Yo, are your cannabis plants’ leaves lookin’ rusty? Peepin’ somethin’ weird with your cannabis plant? Yeah, then it might be a serious situation! If you spot rust color on your cannabis plant, that’s a sign that you gotta do somethin’ to save ’em. There could be a bunch of reasons for them rust spots on the leaves durin’ flowerin’, but you gotta handle ’em ASAP ’cause it could mess up the overall growth of your cannabis plants.

So, let’s dive into what’s causin’ them rust spots on the leaves and how you can fix ’em up right away.

What’s the deal with Rust Spots On Leaves During Flowering And Why It Occurred?

If you peep an alien-lookin’ spot or brown spots like the ones in the pic, it’s likely a fungal infection. Them brown spots you see on rusty leaves or brown spots durin’ flowering are basically breedin’ grounds for spores. These spores can spread all over the plant, so you gotta take action before it gets worse. But the good news is that you can quickly solve fungus-rust issues by addressin’ the root cause.

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Let’s break down the five main reasons for rust spots on cannabis leaves:

1. Rust Fungus
2. Calcium Or Magnesium Deficiency
3. Nutrient Burn
4. Pest Infestation
5. Heat And Light Burn

Rust Fungus: This fungus is a sneaky parasite that affects plants and spreads quickly through the air. It messes up your plants by causin’ rusted color on leaves and messin’ with proper nutrient absorption. It’s a common issue for indoor growers and thrives in high humidity areas with poor ventilation. The key is to spot it fast and take action to eliminate it before it wrecks your plants.

How To Check If Your Plants Have Rust Fungus: If you spot a brown spot, rub your finger against it. If the color comes off on your finger, bingo! You got rust fungus.

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Reasons For Rust Fungus: Rust fungus loves moist environments with temps below 20 degrees Celsius. So keep an eye on the humidity levels and ventilation in your grow space.

How To Eliminate Rust Fungus: Say goodbye to infected leaves and plants, then hit up some fungicide to treat the rest of your plants.

Tips For Preventing Rust Fungus: Keep that humidity in check, maintain proper airflow, avoid overcrowding of leaves, and use fungicides preventively.

Calcium Or Magnesium Deficiency: Lack of these nutrients can also cause rust spots on leaves during flowering. Keep an eye out for brown edges and curly tips on your plant leaves.

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Nutrient Lockout: Watch out for pH levels affecting nutrient absorption in the soil and adjust accordingly.

Solution For Magnesium And Calcium Deficiency: Make sure it’s a deficiency and not lockout, then provide the necessary nutrients to your hungry plants.

Nutrient Burn: Too many nutrients can cause reddish or brown leaves. Remove damaged parts, flush with clean water, and adjust nutrient levels accordingly.

Pest Infestation: Pesky bugs can also cause rust spots on leaves. Use neem oil or soap solutions to get rid of those critters.

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Heat And Light Burn: Keep lights at the right distance and maintain optimal temperatures to avoid heat and light burns on your plants.

Spotting Rust Spots On Plant Leaves: Look out for yellow spots or reddish-brown spots on the leaf surface and take action accordingly.

Who Has More Risk Of Rust Spots On Leaves During Flowering? Indoor Or Outdoor Growers: Both indoor and outdoor growers can face rust spot issues, so stay vigilant regardless of where you’re growin’.

Avoid Rust Spots On Leaves Conclusion: Rust spots are no joke, but with proper care, attention, and preventive measures, you can keep your cannabis plants healthy and thriving without those pesky rust spots.

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So keep an eye out for any funky discoloration on your plant leaves and take quick action to keep ’em happy and healthy! Peace out!

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