Which One’s More Dangerous: THC or Nic?

Which One’s More Dangerous: THC or Nic?

Yo, listen up! I’m ’bout to drop some knowledge on ya. So, there’s this study, right, from the University of Michigan and it’s all about whether THC or nicotine be more dangerous for the youngins. You know, with weed takin’ off and cigarettes becomin’ old news and all that.

According to this study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, they looked into how vapes and cigs affect the respiratory systems of teens. They surveyed these kids, aged 12 to 17, who were puffin’ on THC and/or nicotine oil. And guess what they found? When these teens were vaporizin’ some cannabis, they had a higher chance of messin’ up their lungs with dry coughs, wheezin’, and other symptoms that messed with their speech, sleep, and even their exercise routine. Crazy, right? We don’t even know how long these symptoms last or how bad they can get.

Check out this pic I found. It shows some flavored e-cigs that are fuelin’ the rise in tobacco use. Shoutout to Diego Cervo for snappin’ this dope pic!

So, get this. The lead author of the study, Carol Boyd, was surprised by the results. She said that it was actually lifetime vaping of cannabis that had a bigger impact on these symptoms than either e-cigs or cigs alone. Damn! Who would’ve thought? Smoking weed through a vape is worse for your lungs than smokin’ cigs or just plain ol’ marijuana.

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Now, before you start thinkin’, “But Dan, this survey was done before EVALI hit the scene!” Chill out, fam. EVALI is that vaping illness that messed up a lot of people. Boyd mentioned that some of the symptoms reported in the survey might have been related to EVALI, which mainly affected THC vapers. So, keep that in mind.

Let’s talk about these vapes, man. They’re all fancy and new with their no smoke or paper, but don’t be fooled. They still got a bunch of sketchy chemicals in ’em that we don’t even fully understand yet. This survey goes against the common belief that vaping and smokin’ nicotine is worse for your lungs than vaping and smokin’ THC. It’s like a plot twist, yo!

Boyd straight up said, “It’s all bad, but if you also vape cannabis, you gonna have more messed up respiratory symptoms than if you just smoke cigs or weed or vape e-cigs.” She ain’t playin’, y’all. Cigarettes and e-cigs are trash for your lungs, no doubt. But vapin’ weed? That’s a whole new level of messed up.

So there you have it, peeps. Weed might be gettin’ popular and cigarettes might be dyin’ out, but when it comes to the health of your lungs, vaping THC is the real enemy. Stay woke and take care of yourselves, ya heard?

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