Where to Cop da Best Black Gorilla Seeds Online

Where to Cop da Best Black Gorilla Seeds Online

Ay, my name is Dan and I’m here to tell you about Black Gorilla weed. One of the best parts about cannabis is how certain strains are perfect for different times of the day. Whether you a night owl or you need help falling asleep, ain’t nothing better than some Black Gorilla when that sun dips below the horizon.

Let me break it down for ya. Black Gorilla is an indica-dominant hybrid strain with a THC content of 24-32%. It’s got terpenes like Linalool, Limonene, and Myrcene that give it a sedating, blissful, and sleepy effect. It’s made by crossbreeding Gorilla Glue #4 and Brightberry and was created by the breeders at Farmhouse Genetics. Since then, Black Gorilla has become super popular with both recreational and medical marijuana users worldwide.

But let’s get down to brass tacks. How do you grow this bad boy? Well, it’s rated as moderately challenging to cultivate, so if you a beginner grower, you might wanna start with something else. But if you ready to take on the challenge, here’s what you gotta know.

Black Gorilla plants are short and bushy with vigorous growth during the vegetative stage. That means you gotta prune ’em to increase airflow, budding sites, and reduce vertical growth. You can use methods like LST, topping, FIM, or ScrOG to keep your plants in check.

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Black Gorilla likes a Mediterranean climate, but you can grow it anywhere as long as it provides frost-free conditions until the end of September. For indoor growing, make sure you got bright light (LED or HID), 68-84F temperature, 40-60% RH, and adequate airflow. For outdoor growing, plant in a sunny location, protect the crop from the elements, ensure 64-88F temperature, 35-65% RH, and adequate space between your plants.

The flowering time of Black Gorilla stands between 8-9 weeks. Indoors, it may finish by the middle of week 8 if the trichomes are milky or amber. Outdoors, it’ll be ready to harvest by the end of September or beginning of October. The yield is moderate but each bud is worth its weight in gold with enough THC to destroy a veteran’s tolerance.

When it comes to effects, Black Gorilla is not messing around. It’ll relax ya, sedate ya, and make you feel pure bliss. As you inhale that velvety smoke into your lungs, all your worries will disappear. A tingling sensation spreads across your body and you’ll find yourself glued to your couch for hours of restorative rest.

Black Gorilla is not just for recreational use either. It offers extreme medical potential for patients dealing with depression, anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, or loss of appetite.

But remember y’all – too much of a good thing can be bad too. Consuming too much Black Gorilla can make ya blackout or give ya cottonmouth or munchies or red eyes. So start slow if you a beginner.

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Now if you’re searching for Black Gorilla seeds, you can get them at Crop King Seeds. They sell Black Gorilla in feminized, which means every seed is guaranteed to become a female plant.

Overall, Black Gorilla is top-shelf quality with dense flowers and massive trichome production. It’s ideal for producing concentrates with its sky-high THC content and short stature. And now you can even buy feminized Black Gorilla seeds online! So what you waiting for? Give it a try!

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