What’s the Deal with Cannabis Strains, Phenos, and Cultis, Ya Heard?

What's the Deal with Cannabis Strains, Phenos, and Cultis, Ya Heard?

Yo, when you out there lookin’ for some dope cannabis strains, you gonna come across a bunch of other terms that describe ’em. We talkin’ bout phenotypes, chemotypes, genotypes, and cultivars. Now, if you tryna grow your own weed, it’s important to know what these terms mean. So, let me break it down for ya.

Cannabis strains, they the names given to different variations of the plant. These strains can come from modified plants through regular breeding or some fancy modern methods. Sometimes, they even occur from genetic mutations. So, when you hear names like Blue Dream, Afghan Kush, or Sour Diesel, those names represent the characteristics of the strain.

Now, there be like almost a thousand different cannabis strains out there. But we can classify them into three main categories: sativa, indica, and hybrid. Sativa strains give you that energy boost and uplifting vibes, perfect for gettin’ shit done. Indica strains on the other hand gonna relax and sedate ya, good for when you tryna chill at night. And then you got them hybrid strains that combine both effects.

As weed becomes more popular worldwide, breeders be experimentin’ and creatin’ new strains all the time. So, there’s always some new shit to try if you stay woke.

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Now let’s get into the science stuff. Strains and cultivars are basically the same thing. It’s just that scientists prefer to use the term cultivars while us regular folks use the word strains.

When you out there lookin’ for cultivars to cop, keep these things in mind:

– Genetic lineage: It’s important to know where a cultivar comes from so you can see if it got any familiar traits.

– Laboratory testing: If you wanna know all the deets about a strain’s effects, get it tested in a lab. They gonna give you the lowdown on THC and CBD content, as well as other cannabinoids and terpenes.

– Effects: Best way to know what a strain gonna do to ya is to ask around and do some research. Other people’s experiences can give you an idea, but remember we all different and some shit might hit you different.

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– Leaf variety: Look at the plant, man. If it got big fat buds, it probably a broad leaf cultivar. If the buds and leaves more long and thin, then it’s a narrow leaf cultivar.

Now, let’s talk about the physical characteristics of cultivars. Besides gettin’ you high, they also got their own look.

We got broad leaf (BLV) cultivars that be all thick and bushy with wide leaves. These plants gonna calm your ass down and make you feel hella relaxed. Then we got narrow leaf (NLV) cultivars that be skinny and lanky with thin leaves. These gonna uplift your spirits and give you that energy boost.

But remember, these effects ain’t set in stone. They just general guidelines. Breeders be playin’ around with genetics and makin’ strains that have a bit of both effects. That’s where them hybrid cultivars come in. You can find all sorts of backcrosses and mixes that gonna give you a unique experience.

Now let’s dive into some science shit. We got phenotypes, genotypes, and chemotypes.

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Phenotypes be the obvious traits of a plant. Basically, it’s how the plant looks and how it gonna make you feel when you smoke it. Genotype is all about the plant’s genetic makeup, passed down from its ancestors. It’s like the blueprint inside the plant that determines what traits it gonna have.

Chemotype is all about the chemicals in the plant. It tells you what cannabinoids and terpenes are in there and how much of ’em. THC and CBD are the main ones, but there’s like 85 different cannabinoids with all sorts of health benefits. Terpenes be responsible for the smell and also influence the effects of the strain.

So, here’s the deal. You might buy some Lemon Kush one time and it’s bomb as hell. But then you cop another batch and it tastes, looks, and hits different. That’s ’cause genetics and environment can affect how a strain turns out. So, even if it’s the same strain, it might have different phenotypes.

Now you armed with all this knowledge, you can start growin’ your own weed or try out some new cultivars. Stay lit, my friends.

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