Vape Like a Boss: The Proper Way to Blow Clouds

Vape Like a Boss: The Proper Way to Blow CloudsYo, peep this – the way people be consuming that herb is changing up, so maybe you should switch it up too. Back in the day, when you thought of someone using weed, it was all about joints, bongs, or bowls. But now, things have shifted big time. The classic stoner vibe is fading away and a new crew of consumers is on the rise. It ain’t just the older heads getting lit anymore – nah, vaping and gummies are taking over the game.

According to BDSA, a crew that analyzes the cannabis scene, almost half of all consumers have popped a gummy and nearly half have hit a vape. That’s wild, right?

Vape tech is on point these days, making it easy to get your smoke on discreetly. You can bring that pen anywhere – to family functions, on hikes, you name it. Plus, vaping ain’t just for the d-bags anymore; more and more people are getting down with it.

Now, if you wanna hit that vape pen like a pro, here’s what you gotta do. First off, check that charge – make sure your battery is juiced up and ready to go. Connect your cartridge nice and tight to the battery. If your battery lets you control the temp, set that sh*t just right.

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When the time comes to inhale, press that button and take a slow, deep breath. Pace yourself to get the most out of those cannabinoids without burning up your oil. And trust me, you don’t wanna mess up your concentrate by overheating it.

When you smoke weed in a joint, it goes through combustion and creates all kinds of nasty smoke and toxins. Vape pens heat up your herb and create a vapor instead – still smells a bit, but it’s way less harsh than smoke. Vape vapor doesn’t stick to your clothes or linger in the air like smoke does. It clears out in minutes.

But hey, vaping ain’t all rainbows and butterflies – there are some risks involved. Some vape pens have chemicals in ’em that we ain’t fully researched yet. So make sure you’re buying from legit sources, especially after all those sketchy vaping illnesses that hit last year.

And yo, don’t expect the same high from vaping as you would from smoking a joint. Vape pens hit different – they usually pack a stronger punch, especially if you’re using concentrates. So take it slow if you’re new to the vape game.

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Bottom line: things are changing in the weed world. Vaping and gummies are where it’s at now. So maybe it’s time for you to switch things up too and try something new. Just make sure you’re smart about it and stay safe out there in those streets. Stay lit!

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