UA Fam Rollin’ Out Expungement Clinic

UA Fam Rollin' Out Expungement Clinic

As UA Fam roll out their expungement clinic, it’s a reminder of the power that young people have to make a real difference. The students from the James E. Rogers School of Law are taking a stand for those affected by outdated cannabis laws, ’cause no one should be held back just because of a charge from years ago.

These students don’t play around when it comes to getting people their records cleared. They’ve got their process down pat and make sure folks can get out the door with their petition taken care of. No ID necessary, they just need to know the date they got the charge or arrest and where. Even if it dates back to ’76!

But some of these ancient charges aren’t in any computer system – that’s why they’ve got volunteers at the clinic to help out. They’re working with Arizona Marijuana Expungement Coalition to provide free legal help if folks get denied.

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The expungement process is pretty fast, but even if you can’t make it to the clinic on campus, the state has launched an online program to help out. It takes a month or two typically to find out if your record is clear, but it’s worth it for the boost of opportunity and freedom that comes with having your name cleared.

It’s awesome that students are speaking up for those affected by outdated laws – shoutout to Mia Burcham, Rebecca Caro Cohen and all the other students for taking this on as their cause and fighting for rights that people should have had all along. I’m Dan, saying “Peace out!”

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  1. Man, this clinic sound real good for the community. Folks need a chance to start fresh and leave that old stuff behind. Props to UA Fam for lookin out!

  2. Yo this clinic gonna help a lotta folks get they lives back on track. Props to UA Fam for lookin out for the community!


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