U.S. Forest Service Be Like: Yo, Employees, Don’t Forget Fed Law Still Got You!

U.S. Forest Service Be Like: Yo, Employees, Don't Forget Fed Law Still Got You!

Yo, what’s up my peeps? It’s your boy Dan, dropping some knowledge on y’all about the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) and their stance on that sticky icky called cannabis. So check it, on June 22, this dude Tony Dixon, who’s the deputy chief for business operations at USFS, came out with a statement talking about how cannabis affects federal employees. Shit’s been changing, man. Like, in the last decade or so, our views on weed have done a complete 180. Some states be legalizing it for medical use, and some even let you blaze up just like you would with tobacco or alcohol. But here’s the thing, what does that mean for the feds?

Now, just like any other federal agency, USFS employees gotta follow the same laws as everyone else. But here’s where it gets tricky. See, there’s been a problem with federal employees failing drug tests. And ya know what’s causing it? The legalization of marijuana. People are getting confused with all these different state laws and shit. And because of that confusion, heads have been rolling left and right. Employees are getting suspended or even losing their jobs just ’cause they failed a drug test. That’s some messed up shit right there.

It ain’t just about failing a drug test though. Depending on the agency you work for, if you’ve smoked weed within the past year to five years, you might not even be able to apply for a job. Like, the FBI used to make you stay clean for three years before you could even be considered for a job. But they changed that shit last July to just one year. The U.S. Secret Service used to have different rules depending on your age. If you were 24 or younger, you had to be weed-free for one year. But if you were 28 or older, it was five years. They recently updated their rules though to allow applications from people who use hemp-derived cannabis products within a year of applying. So I guess that’s a little progress, right?

But here’s what Dixon is sayin’, and I kinda get where he’s coming from. See, he’s all about making sure his co-workers can do their jobs without any issues. He don’t wanna see nobody get penalized or lose their jobs just ’cause they smoked a joint. He values his peeps, and he wants everyone to work in a safe environment. So he’s remindin’ them about the regulations and expectations that come with being a Forest Service employee.

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Dixon also talks about CBD, which is like a component of cannabis that doesn’t get you high. But here’s the thing, some CBD products ain’t accurately labeled and can still have a little bit of THC in them. And if you get tested and come up positive for THC, well, you’re screwed. So he’s warnin’ his crew to be careful with that shit.

He also provides some info for peeps who might be strugglin’ with addiction. There’s this helpline you can call, and there are online resources for treatment. So if you need help, reach out, my friends.

At the end of the day, Dixon just wants to make sure nobody’s employment gets messed up because of something they could’ve avoided. And he’s right when he says that as federal employees, we gotta follow federal law no matter what state we’re in.

But check this out, there’s been some studies showin’ that weed can actually help with addiction. Like, this one study published in JAMA Psychiatry found that psilocybin, which is like the stuff in magic mushrooms, can help treat alcohol misuse disorder. That’s wild, right?

And get this, another study published in Substance Use & Misuse found that four out of five patients reported using less opioids after they started using medical cannabis. That’s some powerful shit right there.

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There’s even evidence that CBD, which is like the non-psychoactive part of weed, can help with addiction. This study from Addiction Neuroscience showed that CBD helped female rats kick their opioid addiction. And this other study in the Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics found that chronic pain patients who used cannabis for six months were able to decrease their use of opioids.

So here’s what I’m sayin’, y’all. Yeah, the federal government still has their rules and regulations about weed, and as federal employees, we gotta follow ’em. But let’s not forget that there’s some real potential in this plant. It can help people with addiction and chronic pain. So maybe it’s time for the feds to take a second look at their policies, ya dig?

Alright, that’s all I got for y’all today. Stay safe, stay lifted, and remember to always follow federal law, even if you’re blazin’ up on the low. Peace out!

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