Two Homies Get 16-Year Bid for Deadly Ganja Jack in the O-Town

Two Homies Get 16-Year Bid for Deadly Ganja Jack in the O-TownYo, check it out. Two dudes named Jose Antonio Alvarez and Omar Rojo are about to do some hard time for an attempted cannabis heist that ended with a homie gettin’ smoked.

According to the Bay Area News Group, both Alvarez and Rojo, who are 25 years old, pleaded no contest to voluntary manslaughter and got sentenced in October. These fools got hit with a solid 16 years behind bars.

Now, let me break it down for ya. These two originally got charged with murder and robbery for killin’ this 25-year-old dude named Jaime Valdovinos. This all went down back in September of 2019 when Rojo and Alvarez tried to jack a fat stash of weed from Valdovinos and his boy.

NBC Bay Area reported that the surviving homie told the cops that Rojo and another suspect straight-up robbed ’em of a massive amount of bud. Shit got real when they started scrappin’ over the ganja, and that’s when Rojo and Alvarez pulled out their pieces and blasted Valdovinos.

Rojo was only 20 at the time but got slapped with special circumstances murder charges just a few days after the shootin’. The cops said Rojo was chillin’ in the backseat of a ride where Valdovinos and the other dude were posted up.

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But here’s where it gets gnarly. It took until April 2021 for Alvarez to get nabbed by the cops. Homeboy was layin’ low for, like, two years before they finally caught up to him.

So here’s what Bay Area News Group has to say about these two knuckleheads. Apparently, according to police reports, both Rojo and Alvarez started blastin’ their heaters during the whole setup. When shit hit the fan and Valdovinos and his boy tried to take back their bud, that’s when the bullets started flyin’.

The investigators even said they got video footage and a bunch of witnesses pointing fingers at Alvarez. As part of their plea deal, these fools ain’t allowed to go near the surviving victim once they’re outta the clink, and they can’t be packin’ heat either. These dudes were lookin’ at life without parole, but they lucked out with a 16-year sentence.

This whole messed up situation just goes to show how dangerous the drug game can be. Bay Area law enforcement is always tryin’ to shut down these illegal operations.

Just a few months back, they raided a warehouse in Oakland that was stacked with millions of dollars worth of weed. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife said it was one of the biggest busts in the Golden State this year. They found over 41,000 illegal cannabis plants and destroyed almost 2,000 pounds of processed bud. That’s like $36 million right there!

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Oh, and get this. Last year, some jackasses pulled off an armed robbery at a dispensary in Oakland. These fools straight-up jacked $100,000 worth of weed! The owner said these idiots cut the power to the whole building before they made their move.

So there you have it. Crime don’t pay, my friends. These two dudes are gonna be locked up for a long-ass time, all because they thought they could snatch some bud and get away with it. Stay safe out there, and remember, don’t be stupid like these fools.

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