Toppin’ Da Charts: Da 10 Best American Weed Strains

Toppin’ Da Charts: Da 10 Best American Weed Strains

Yo what’s up cannabis grower fam! I’m Dan, and I’m here to give y’all a real rundown on da ten best Kine weed strains from da good ‘ole USA.

First off, let me just say that all of these strains are available for purchase from ILGM, the most trusted seed bank in America. So y’all already know the quality’s gonna be top notch.

Without further adieu, let’s get into da list! Numero Uno is dat OG Kush. Da OG Kush strain is a classic and has been around for a minute. It’s a hybrid strain that’s mostly indica but has a nice balance of effects between indica and sativa, so it’s great for just chilling or getting stuff done. Growers should expect a nice yield of buds that are compact and have an unmistakable aroma.

Number Two on da list is Blue Dream. This strain is pretty much an ideal blend of sativa and indica and is probably the most popular strain in the U.S. for a reason. Growers can expect buds that are frosty with a sweet, fruity taste and aroma. Blue Dream is perfect for enjoying during da day when you need some creative inspiration or just want to relax.

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Da Third strain on our list is Granddaddy Purple (aka GDP). This one is an indica-dominant hybrid that’s known for its strong effects that start off in your head and then travel down to your body, giving you an overall relaxed vibe in both body and mind. GDP buds are dark purple with orange hairs, giving them a unique look as well as an earthy, grapey aroma and flavor that’ll make you think you’re in the middle of a vineyard somewhere.

Next up on our list is Sour Diesel (aka Sour D). This energizing sativa-dominant hybrid is perfect for both day and night-time smoke sessions, depending on the quantity you take in. The buds from this strain will be light green with lots of sparkly trichomes that give off an unmistakable diesel fuel aroma and flavor profile that hits you with a bit of citrus too.

Number Five is White Widow and it’s always been one of my personal favorites. This hybrid strain is known for its intense cerebral effects that come on fast and give you a feeling of euphoria and creativity. Growers can expect resinous buds that are light green in color with lots of white crystals crusted all over them giving off an earthy, spicy aroma with hints of pine too.

Coming in at Number Six on our list is Northern Lights, which is another great indica-dominant hybrid with powerful sedative effects that start in your head before traveling to your body and locking you into a cozy state of relaxation. Northern Lights buds have a unique purple hue mixed in with the green tones and they smell like sweet fruits mixed with earthy spices giving them a truly amazing flavor profile when smoked or vaporized too.

Da Seventh strain on our list today is Girl Scout Cookies (aka GSC) which is another hybrid strain that offers both energizing effects as well as relaxing ones too depending on how much you take in at once. Growers can expect chunky buds with lots of trichomes coating them that give off a sweet, earthy smell with hints of mint or spice too.

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Number Eight on our list is Jack Herer and it’s definitely one of da most popular American cannabis strains out there right now. This sativa-dominant hybrid offers users uplifting effects along with some physical relaxation too making it perfect for engaging activities like yoga or going for walks outdoors when taken in moderation. Jack Herer buds are dense yet fluffy, giving off an earthy yet fruity aroma that smells almost like pineapple or mango when smoked or vaporized properly.

Da Ninth strain on our list today is AK-47 which has been around since da 90s and still remains one of da most popular strains out there today. This hybrid strain offers users a nice balance between mental stimulation and physical relaxation so it’s great for anytime use really, but especially during the day when you need to stay productive without feeling too wired or anxious either way. AK-47 buds have an unmistakable smell to them too, almost like sweet spices mixed with citrus fruit making it one incredible tasting smoke session!

And finally last but not least we got da 10th strain on our list today which is Skywalker OG (aka Skywalker OG Kush). This indica-dominant hybrid has become very popular lately due to its powerful sedative effects that’ll leave you feeling relaxed yet still alert enough to get stuff done if necessary which makes it perfect for night-time use or anytime you need to wind down after a long day. Skywalker OG buds are frosty green with light purple hues throughout them giving off an earthy yet diesel like aroma that’ll leave your senses buzzing after each hit!

And there ya have it folks! Da Top 10 Best American Cannabis strains available right now from ILGM da most trusted seed bank in America! From OG Kush to Skywalker OG Kush these strains have something to offer any cannabis connoisseur looking for something new to try out so why not pick up some seeds today? You won’t be disappointed!

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