Top 5 Lit AF Weed Books You Can Cop on Amazon

Top 5 Lit AF Weed Books You Can Cop on Amazon

Yo, what’s up, it’s your boy Dan coming at you with some dope knowledge on marijuana culture. Are you thinking about turning your love for weed into a hobby or maybe even a career? Interested in learning more about different strains and seed varieties? Want to take your reefer cooking skills to the next level? Down to try new methods of reaping the medicinal benefits of ganja? Just curious about all things cannabis? Well, look no further because we’ve done the research for you. Check out the Top 5 Best Marijuana Books on Amazon that are sure to educate and enlighten you. These reads are written by experts, toking professionals, and cannabis connoisseurs who know their sh*t. So, let’s dive in!

1. The Cannabis Encyclopedia

If you want to learn about the ins and outs of medical marijuana cultivation, including indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse growing techniques, then this book is for you. With a whopping 596 pages and over 2,000 beautifully colored images, this award-winning book covers everything you need to know about growing cannabis. From research-oriented pages to step-by-step instructions, this book is perfect for those who want a hands-on learning experience. You’ll also find chapters specifically tailored to medical marijuana patients and caregivers who want more information about the healing powers of weed.

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2. Beyond Buds: Marijuana Extracts—Hash, Vaping, Dabbing, Edibles and Medicines

Looking to take your love for weed beyond just smoking flowers? Then this book is a must-read. Beyond Buds teaches you how to make amazing extracts at home for yourself or even start a business making them for patients. Written by ganja Guru Ed Rosenthal, this book goes into detail on how to process and develop hash, oils, concentrates, and more using traditional and modern techniques. You’ll also learn about various tools and accessories needed for using these high potency THC-laden consumables.

3. Big Book of Buds Greatest Hits: Marijuana Varieties from the World’s Best Breeders

Written by Ed Rosenthal, the world’s leading pot expert, this book provides detailed information on some of the best strains in the world. With colorful pictures of every single strain explained, you’ll truly witness the differences in appearance of each type of bud. This book includes test pages where you can describe your experiences with certain strains and keep track of your research-style write-up.

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4. Juicing Cannabis for Healing

Author Katie Marsh describes her unique experience with healing and transformation by juicing fresh marijuana leaves. This practice is gaining popularity within some cannabis cultivation communities and in some marijuana legal states. Juicing raw marijuana leaves is the most potent way to receive the medical benefits of weed. This book is perfect for those who suffer from chronic pain or various symptoms.

5. The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook

Created by the editors of High Times Magazine for fellow stoners who love to get baked from the food they eat, this recipe-packed book will give you amazing ideas for your next cannabis cooking adventure! With over 50 unique and intriguing recipes, you’ll have something new to cook any day of the week that will amaze you and excite your 420-loving friends.

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So there you have it, folks – five dope books that will take your love for weed to the next level! These reads are affordable and available for Amazon Prime delivery so that you can get your hands on them ASAP. Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or just curious about all things cannabis-related, these books are sure to educate and entertain you. Happy reading!

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