Three Outta Five Americans Say Weed is Doper Than Booze or Cigs, Survey Shows

Three Outta Five Americans Say Weed is Doper Than Booze or Cigs, Survey ShowsYo, check it out fam. Nearly three outta five Americans be sayin’ alcohol or tobacco be more harmful than weed to a person’s health, according to a fresh poll.

The YouGov survey that just dropped asked peeps ’bout different cannabis trends. One thing that stood out was that 64 percent of Americans think regular alcohol use be more dangerous than smokin’ that herb, while 63 percent said the same ’bout tobacco.

Only 14 percent said puffin’ on the ganja be more of a problem than sippin’ on some brew. Another 16 percent said weed be worse than tobacco.

Overall, 53 percent of peeps think both alcohol and tobacco be more harmful than marijuana.

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This vibe ain’t new, bruh. Last year, a Gallup survey found that Americans see marijuana as less risky than alcohol, cigarettes, vapes, and other tobacco products. And don’t sleep, cannabis use been surpassin’ cigarette smokin’ in the U.S., with vaping still laggin’ behind.

Another poll by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) showed that people be seein’ smokin’ weed or bein’ around secondhand cannabis smoke as safer than ciggies or secondhand tobacco smoke.

Meanwhile, this new YouGov poll also found that 62 percent of Americans believe weed should be legal. Dems at 71 percent, independents at 67 percent, and even some Repubs at 46 percent agree.

In terms of how much peeps are usin’, over half of Americans said they’ve tried weed at some point in their lives, 24 percent toked up in the past year, and 17 percent blazed in the past month.

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Among those who got lit in the past year, 24 percent were hittin’ that joint multiple times a day, 11 percent blazed daily, and 20 percent were smokin’ a few times a week.

What’s the most popular way to get faded? Smokin’ flower or bud is tops for 60 percent of Americans who’ve tried cannabis or CBD. Burnin’ it up like that is how most peeps are gettin’ high.

If they legalized weed coast to coast, 67 percent of non-users said they’d keep passin’, but some might jump on board. Fourteen percent might give it a shot, six percent prolly would light up, and two percent definitely would.

This poll had interviews with 1,148 adults from April 5-8.

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Another survey found that almost six in 10 grown-ups are surprised weed ain’t legal everywhere in the U.S. Yet nine in 10 peeps think marijuana should be legal for fun or medical purposes.

Legalization ain’t just about gettin’ high – it helps the local economy and makes the justice system more fair.

Pew also found that eight in 10 Americans live in a county with at least one weed dispensary. These stores tend to cluster near state borders with harsher laws, showin’ there’s a big market for pot in places where it’s still banned.

Gallup also peeped that rates of ganja use are pretty much the same in legal and non-legal states. Turns out, makin’ weed illegal don’t stop folks from smokin’.

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That’s what’s up with marijuana in America today. Stay tuned for more updates on this lit topic from ya boy Dan!

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