The Ultimate Guide to Whipping Up a Sick Sploof

The Ultimate Guide to Whipping Up a Sick Sploof

What’s good, my fellow stoners? Are your neighbours or landlord tripping about the dank smells coming from your smoke sesh? No worries fam, we got you covered with the ultimate guide to making a sploof!

You know that sweet aroma of cannabis we all love? Yeah, that’s the same stuff that gives away your location to anyone nearby. But don’t trip, because sploofs are here to save the day. These bad boys filter out those pungent terpene molecules and keep your spot smelling fresh. Plus, they’re easy to make and won’t break the bank.

So let’s break it down: a sploof is basically a filter that traps the terpenes from your smoke. Commercial sploofs are available now with replaceable filters and eco-friendly cartridges, but we’re keeping it old school with the toilet paper roll tube, elastic band, and paper towel method.

You might be wondering how long a homemade sploof lasts. Well, the individual parts can usually hold up for 2-3 sessions, but you’ll need to change out the filter once it becomes smelly and less effective. But don’t stress, filters are made from paper towels or dryer sheets, making them cheap and easy to replace.

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Now let’s get into making a sploof with dryer sheets. First off, gather your supplies: toilet paper roll tube/plastic bottle (wide mouth is better), dryer sheets, elastic band, scissors. Fill the tube/bottle with around 5 dryer sheets (not too compact), place one over one end of the tube/bottle and secure with an elastic band. Trim off any excess dryer sheet material hanging outside of the grip of the elastic band for a neat look. Boom! You now have a homemade sploof.

But wait, there’s more! For those of you who want even better filtration power (we see you), there’s the activated carbon method. This substance captivates volatile organic compounds (like terpenes) from the air and can be found in pet shops or online. To make this type of sploof, you’ll need a plastic bottle with activated carbon soaked in water, 5-10 holes poked in the bottom of the bottle, and an option to wrap it in a wet paper towel. No dryer sheets needed for this one!

But what if you’re missing some key components like dryer sheets or toilet paper rolls? No worries! We got another solution for you: the air freshener method. To make this sploof you’ll need a plastic bottle with a wide mouth, air freshener, paper towel, elastic bands, and scissors. Make holes in the bottom of the bottle and cover with 2-3 sheets of paper towel secured with an elastic band. Trim away any excess paper towel for a uniform look and unscrew the cap of the bottle (wide mouth recommended). Spray air freshener between hits for added oomph.

Now let’s keep it real: sploofs aren’t perfect and won’t give you complete odor control if you’re worried about getting caught. But they’re definitely better than nothing and are cost-effective and easy to make with everyday household items. So next time you need to keep it on the low while blazing up, remember our ultimate guide to making a sploof!

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